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Why Choose Shemford?

Education @ SHEMFORD will
help your child to

  • Develop a Positive Attitude towards Learning
  • Get a Sound Foundation for a Bright Future
  • Develop Good Communication Skills
  • Become a Life-Long Learner
  • Build Technology Fluency
  • Learn to Work Collaboratively in a Global Environment
  • 30 yearsof experience
  • 625+ branchesall across India, Nepal &
  • Oldest Preschool
    Chainin India (Estb. 1989)
  • 4,00,000+
    Alumnihave chosen SHEMFORD
  • Multi-Tier Educational
    Curriculum& Programme
  • Most Awarded
    School Chain& Management

Our Approach


Designed by award winning educationists of India, ShemEduMAX™ is a unique and powerful proprietary system that infuses life and purpose into school education.

It has been developed after many years of in-depth research and firsthand teaching experience.


Keeping ShemStars active & fit!


Our Parent Participation Programmes


Tracking your child’s school activities is just a click away!


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