SHEMFORD Little Stars, Jail Road is a part of the SHEMFORD family, a famous name in school education in our country. Pioneering a child-friendly system of learning, it has, since its inception, worked towards providing Rock-Solid foundation to its children. Its child-centered curriculum, engaging teaching methods and strong emphasis on their physical,   cognitive, motor, emotional and social development have helped children excel on the world platform.

SHEMFORD Little Stars follows a curriculum fully designed for developing specific skills in a play-way method. Our creative activities help children to be active, imaginative and self-confident. We channelise their energies and develop their potential through various activities as Dramatics, Story Narration, Nature walk, etc.


SHEMFORD Little Stars teaches Honesty, Discipline, Truthfulness, Responsibility and Respect for others. We try to imbibe good qualities in children so that we can help in their overall development. We focus on the child’s ability to express her feelings which helps develop her self- confidence. Our methodologies have helped us set up a benchmark in the field of education.