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International Women Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated world over on 8th March, every year. This day celebrates women’s achievements women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It celebrates womanhood and pays tribute to the unwavering spirit of women across the globe. Celebrations on this day range from general celebration of respect, appreciation

National Science Day

“Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion.” – Stephen Hawking “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” – Edward Teller Science is something without which, it is nearly impossible to imagine the seamless flow of routine work in today' world, which is

Tips to celebrate Republic Day with your family

"Freedom in our Mind, Faith in our Words, Pride in our Heart and Memories in our Souls. Let’s Salute the Nation on Republic Day." India became a free nation on August 15, 1947, although it declared itself as a Sovereign, Democratic and Republic State with the adoption of the Constitution on 26th January,

National Girl Child Day

“Give the Girl Child, wings to Fly, let her blossom and touch the Sky.” Every year, on 24th of January, National Girl Child Day is celebrated all over the country to support girls and prosper respect and love for them amongst people. In the year 2008, the celebration of this special