Land Requirements for CBSE Affiliation

The following are the minimum land requirements stipulated by CBSE for affiliation.

In metropolitan cities with a population exceeding 25 Lakhs, the land should not be less than one acre with adequate building and there must be an arrangement with other institution/organization for imparting physical and health education and conducting games in their grounds.

The minimum land area for the schools in NCR, Delhi is 4,000 sq. mts.

In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre. The norms as prescribed by the Planning Commission shall be applicable for determining the eligibility in hilly areas.

In all other places, the school must possess at least about two acres of land and a building constructed on a part of the land and proper playgrounds on the remaining land.

In case of lease, it will be accepted if it is for at least 30 years and in favour of Society/School by registered deed.

For more information, fill in your details in the form provided.


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