Shimoga Net Diploma Results | Karnataka Diploma Exam Results 2009 Declared

icon1 Abha | icon4 07 1st, 2009

The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Karnataka has declared the results of Diploma (polytechnic) Examination Results today at 11 p.m. The diploma results 2009/Shimoga net diploma results 2009 can be checked at the Official Shimoga Net Website mentioned below;

DTE Exam/Karnataka diploma exam 2009 was held in the month of April – May this year and a number of students had appeared for the exam.

For more details regarding the Karnataka diploma results/ Shimoga diploma results Karnataka at

Best of luck to all…

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92 Responses to "Shimoga Net Diploma Results | Karnataka Diploma Exam Results 2009 Declared"
  1. shakthi Says:

    plz tell me that when wil the 4th sem revaluation of diploma results will come

  2. suraj kiran Says:

    i dont know but i want to know when is karnataka diploma revaluation results for 4th sem not for both revaluation and cet students.

  3. feroz Says:

    plz tell me that when wil the 4th sem revaluation of diploma results will come

  4. Manjula Says:

    i want to know diploma 1st semister revaluation result.My Rg.No.115EE07020

  5. Ramesh Says:

    Hello anndanesh mharajare goodeving how are you. i am ram
    meens Ramesh .s.Halgi. what are you doing pleze call me man .i am also fine .you send me my e-mail ID you how to work in Bangalore. my e-mail see you anndanesh .

  6. hari prasad Says:

    wen are we getting 2nd sem revaluation result?????ma reg num is 305cs08024!!!!!!!!

  7. lokesh Says:

    i realy sad becase my college luctures dont teach but exam strickly conduct please give me good luctures for good futures in my college only the lion lucture jadav sir is well i

  8. siddesh Says:

    :lol: hye wen ll be the diploma results?

  9. priya pawar Says:

    when is karnataka diploma results be announced

  10. umesh Says:

    when will get distance education of diploma results?”

    ‘diploma in power electronics’ from kuempu univercity.

  11. girish Says:

    plz send the link for diploma result2009-2010

  12. Prajwalvenur Says:

    When diploma results are Announced…. Plz mail me… Prajwalvenur@gmail.con

  13. Ravishankar Says:

    When will be 3rd Semester diploma results for which the exams were conducted in the month November-December, 2009, let me know early.

  14. madhu Says:

    hi is that true the r coming today ;-) ;-) ;-) ………..

  15. madhu Says:

    hi is that true resutls r comming today…………..

  16. mohammed Says:

    :lol: :roll: Hi….when is the 1st SEM resuly …I am eager to know that

  17. madhu Says:

    y cant ….our deploma leacturer be good …they wont tech us properly ……the timings them to reach the colleg is at 9 ….but they comes ay 11 o clock what the fuck is going on here ……..they wont finesh their sylebus…..then they start taking special classes …….on sundays ……and they take money for internals marks and also for attendence soltage…..plz remove then …its just hell in our govt.polytechnic bhadravathi :twisted:

  18. ravi.k Says:

    When r the results of diploma dec 2009 announced.DTE of karnataka must give a particular date….students
    R in tension.. plz any one help when
    Are the results exactly..

  19. shashindra Says:


  20. muttu Says:

    when the diploma nov 2009 results will come?

  21. swathi Says:

    :?: when will comes the nov 2009 diploma result

  22. sanju Says:

    when 1 sem result?

  23. surya Says:

    when coming to dipolma gov polyetenic 09-10 sem results

  24. Anilkumar.H.S Says:

    A Pagal’s when u r announcing the results ah?

  25. mdkhaja Says:

    respected sir plz kindil do something about the server problum we are ni tension scince from 2 days

  26. mahantesh.. Says:

    hi friends..
    dont wary about about result be cool…….

  27. Raj Says:

    Hi when is nov 2009 results pls put an advertise in ur website

  28. vinita Says:

    pls tell us when you are going to display diploma result of nov-2009.

  29. shilpa Says:

    when diplomo results coming.pls.send which website

  30. surya Says:

    :roll: iam not happy the diploma resultes

  31. maitri Says:

    hey congrats to all students :lol: :grin: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: im happy with my result :grin: :grin: :lol: :lol: :lol: all the best friends for your futer :grin: :lol: : :lol: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

  32. karuna Says:

    Hi there
    When is the diploma revalution results coming of nov 2009 :?:

  33. Rosn Says:

    What is th hell.whn diploma re valuation reasult come’s

  34. ayan Says:

    when is the come diploma time table for this sem

  35. sathya Says:

    :roll: hay friend .. is the diploma revaluation result announced of 2009 (nov) exam

    please pray for me

    i have 6 back

    6 man …please do it ls pls pls pls .. :cry:

  36. KARUNA Says:


  37. Samanth Says:

    hey…. can anyone plz inform me when the revaluation results of nov 2009 will be announced?

  38. santhosh Says:

    when is the diploma 5th sem revaluation results………

  39. Iskeriot Says:

    whn wuld the damn revaluation resluts will be out…can ne 1 tell me the exact dat…

  40. deepti Says:

    wen will b d 5th sem revaluation result plz say me plzzzzzzzzz :sad:

  41. Avinash Says:

    Hi guys….if any 1 know da tim table f diploma Computer science karnataka….plz mail me

  42. rohit Says:

    :razz: when the 2010 revaluation results will come baba plz tell me i should prepare for my 6th sem exams

  43. Dilip Says:

    when will the karnataka diploma nov 2009 results will be announced

  44. Dilip Says:

    hey buddy do u know the diploma 6th sem april/may 2010 exam time table.
    if s say s in ur reply and mail it to

  45. Shabukirafuda Says:

    hey dont mistake. when is the karnataka nov 2009 results getting published on net

  46. nivedita Says:

    plz evaluate the answer paper with patience. we are here to get good marks, not to lose our marks.what we actually deserve to get, we dont find at our results.

  47. MusthafaRahiman Says:

    Please show in my 3rd sem revaluation result.
    Reg.No is 163cs08021

  48. Suraj kiran Says:

    :???: Visit :arrow: instead of :grin:

  49. ramya Says:

    please tell me when will the diploma 2010 results be anounced?

  50. MADHU Says:

    when the diploma exam may 2010 result will be announced????

  51. Zahur Says:

    Hi boys and girls this year no results of diploma all the student who atnded the exam are pasd:-q

  52. sathish sem h.j Says:

    when will comes 2010 4th sem results

  53. joyal Says:

    when will come 2nd sem result plz tell me 497ec02921

  54. RAJITH R Says:

    when are diploma in Automobile Engg. 4th sem results will announce?

  55. kirankumar g.r Says:

    please mail me at the time of karnataka diploma result. my e-mail id

  56. SNEHA Says:

    plz inform me the april may 2010 diploma results results…

  57. Gourinath Says:

    Hey guys whan r the 2010 results… eagerly waiting :shock:

  58. Akshay kulkarni Says:

    when are 2nd sem result are going to be announced

  59. Narayan murthi Says:

    When do the result of diploma may-2010 will be announced…?
    If any1 knw abt it plkz mail me at
    PLz… ;-)

  60. radhika Says:

    when is the diploma result will be announce :cool: :???:

  61. manju aryan Says:

    when will be the second semester of diploma 2010 of bangalore university will be found in websites

  62. K.mahesh Says:

    send the result to my email

  63. Avanish kumar,MSRP Says:

    Hiiiii guys, wen is diploma may 2010 result going to be announced? pls let me know @ 09546350666.thanking u….n best of luck…

  64. Rakshith Says:

    Hai guys…… When d diploma 2010 result is came….if any 1 know pls give me information……..i think this technical board is so late and lazy:)…..:-)?

  65. ravi gadagin Says:

    hi when the diploma result will be announcced please send me 1 mail ok. :?:

  66. kuldeep Says:

    when u peopale realising polytechnic results. . . .

  67. Pavan Says:

    When annouced diploma 2010 may/june result pls inform

  68. pratibha Says:

    when is coming to karnataka dipolma may 2010 results

  69. Gourinath Says:

    To get ur diploma results instantly on ur cellphones
    KDTE regno
    and send it to 56767999
    Ex: KDTE 315CS08001
    Sponsored by

  70. dx Says:

    hey when is 2nd sem result?

  71. chetan Says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiii when diploma result wll come :cry:

  72. shivaraju Says:

    :roll: when is diploma 2010 results coming please tell me sir …..,

  73. Parvez Says:

    when is diploma 2010 results coming please tell me sir …..,

  74. praksh Says:

    all the best

  75. Deepak Says:

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
    sir when the result of july 2010 year please give information in website or my gmail..

  76. prashantraj Says:

    hi its god grace i hav got my result good…… now have 2 prepare for 3rd sem (e&ce)…please any coaching found reply me … throught karnataka

  77. manjunath.v Says:

    :roll: hai its god grace i got my result good now havwe to prepare for 4th sem (cr) and i wana see my november2009 results plz reply me fast….. ..karnataka

  78. ajay Says:

    :lol: sir please send once again Isem diploma results 2009

  79. Amith Says:

    All call me to +91-7795123376

  80. Amith Says:

    I will clear all your problems

  81. manju Says:

    i want to know about diploma result my register number is 423EC07026

  82. jai Says:

    sir can you tell when results come we are curious to see plese upload the result fast

  83. sir tell me when diploma result come karnataka Says:

    when is diploma 2010 results coming please tell me sir in karnataka

  84. prajju Says:

    When ur going to publish diploma results i am waiting

  85. Maru Says:

    I am maru 2nd cross millagatta shimoga

  86. shalini Says:

    when is our diploma(poletechnic )result on 2011 is came

  87. lalitha Says:

    :x :cry: :| whn will result will be annoncd am eagrly waitg plz anonc fast

  88. govind.u Says:

    send result

  89. govind.u Says:

  90. revaluation Says:

    to know diploma revaluation result send sms like this
    JOIN PM4ALL to9219592195

  91. Vinayak shinde. From maratha mandal polytechnic belgaum. Says:

    When will the karnataka diploma november 2011 exam is there.

  92. Vinayak shinde. From maratha mandal polytechnic belgaum. Leave in machhe. Says:

    When the karnataka diploma november time table will announce.

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