SHEMFORD Group of Schools organise “All India Inter-SHEMFORD competitions, ‘SHEMCONTEST’ every month based on special events/festivals celebrated at SHEMFORD branches throughout the academic year, where students of all the branches participate with great zeal and excitement. This is done to evoke a competitive spirit in the students and to make them stand apart from the crowd. Not only does it develop scientific temperament among our students, but also helps them and guides them by being informative about our various customs, traditions and beliefs. These competitions help unravel the innate talents of our ShemSTARS and hone their various skills considered important to set up a benchmark in life. The contests are evaluated at the head office for SHEMFORD Group of Schools, Delhi and the winners are appreciated with awards. The pictures or videos of participants are uploaded on the SHEMFORD Website and Facebook. These further motivate the children to perform better, get empowered with knowledge and stay abreast with the latest happenings and updates.