By | August 26, 2016


SHEMFORD conducted Inter-Shemford contests, ShemContest to mark the joyous celebration of Independence Day. It comprised of a variety of presentations, thoroughly prepared by the students of all the classes. The vigour and vitality was clearly visible in the SHEMFORD Stars, who showed great interest and talent in exhibiting their expertise in activities as Dance, Songs, Stage-play, Art & Craft, etc. Their efforts were complimented at the branch level and their skills and talents appreciated to motivate them for further endeavours.  Such zestful activities illumine the children and help bring about confidence in them, which lays a Solid platform for their future endeavours.

Independence Day - SHEMFORD Bolangir
Independence Day - SHEMFORD Jodhpur
Independence Day - SHEMFORD Guwahati
Independence Day - SHEMFORD Srinagar