Opening a School

The opening of a new school requires attention even to the most minute of details. Catering to all requirements of setting up an educational institution can be done only with the right information and knowledge. While opening a school, there are various facets that have to be considered. The main areas to take care are the infrastructure of the school, the authorisation and also the administration and management of the school. Various subsections are present under these main categories which have to be looked after when one wishes for a new school set up.

Infrastructure: when wondering how to start a school, one of the most important requirements is the infrastructure of the school. The site of the school building, the area and its dimensions, etc is the important aspects while constructing the school building. For this, it is important to decide what kind of school has to be set up. The area should be enough for the requirements of the school depending upon the fact whether it is a preschool, a primary school or a formal school. The architectural design of the school, shape of the building, provision of all facilities, furniture, adequate drainage system and provision of adequate water etc are the things to be taken care of while making the designs and finalising the provisions of the school premises.

It has to be noted that all the provisions and facilities that are provided in the school set up should be in accordance with at least the minimum prescribed requirements by the educational boards. The criteria for these are set up according to the kind of school to be started.

Authorisation: obtaining affiliation from recognised educational bodies is another very important process which has to be undertaken with complete care to start school. Opening a school will be rendered useless if a government recognised education system is not taken up for teaching in the school. Various bodies like CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Council for Secondary Education) can be considered for affiliation which is necessary for the school to function. All provisions that are made in the school should be according to the byelaws and norms set up by these bodies of educational administration. Other authorisations which are necessary include no objection certificate from state education departments, clearance for school site from the Municipal Corporation, approval from the concerned disaster management bodies for fire or earthquake; etc before the school opening is done.

Administration and management: the next important factor to be paid attention is the administration of the school. After affiliation to an educational body, it is now important to hire the required administrative staff which will form the foundation of the working of the new school. The office staffs, the curriculum planners of the syllabi, principal and vice-principal of the school etc is to be hired for the further functioning of the schools and setting up the rules and regulations, time table, bus routes, etc. Arrangements for the school books, uniform, shoes, etc is required to be made. The staffs of trained teachers for the school also have to be hired by these authorities for the school to start functioning. Admissions can then be opened after hiring the required staff the proper functioning of the school can be initiated.

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