SHEMFORD Mirzapur offers children a space to bloom with better creativity, increased concentration, sharpened talent, improved memory, leadership qualities, confident & intelligent brain, better communication skills and broader perception. The competent team of teaching and non-teaching staff at SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Mirzapur is recruited after rigorous rounds of selection. The school strictly adheres to the CBSE pattern and follows the ShemEduMAXTM School System & Curriculum framed by the highly experienced management team of SHEMFORD
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Transport Facility:
SHEMFORD Mirzapur provides access to pick and drop transport facility to places as close to student’s residence as possible. The branch provides school transport facility from all the area of District Mirzapur and from Babusarai, Maharajganj, Aurai, Ghosia, Sahshepur, Purjagir, Khamaria and Gopiganj.