This is for the General information of all parents, potential parents and all other concerned that due to serious defaults in the conditions, standards of operation and functioning in running the school as per the Franchise Agreement, we had terminated the Franchise Agreement with SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Allahabad as the same had been causing irreparable damage to the goodwill and reputation of the school and more importantly hampers the career of children enrolled with the said branch. Since, the Franchisee had continued to run and operate the School even post termination under the name SEMFORD, we had instituted a suit, being C.S. (COMM) no. 963/2016 against them and the Hon’ble Delhi High Court vide order dated 29th July, 2016 has restrained them from using the name SEMFORD with effect from 29th September, 2016. Parents, potential parents and all concerned are advised not to associate themselves with SEMFORD Futuristic School, Allahabad as the same has no connection with our SHEMFORD group of schools. Also, please note that any certificate or document, issued by the school under the name SEMFORD is not by or under our authority and Shemford Group of Schools will not be responsible for any harm or damage arising out of the same.​