In India, CBSE schools are the most trusted brands for providing quality education. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) grants affiliation to various schools like government or government aided, private and public schools etc. according to its CBSE byelaws. Further, it gives the option of provisional, regular and permanent affiliation. However, it is profitable to start your school with provisional affiliation and meanwhile fulfill the norms or rules decided by CBSE to get permanent affiliation of your school.

If you are thinking to become one of the trusted brands of CBSE schools and worrying about how to make this true; go through few important points below to prepare your checklist before opening a CBSE school:

Ensure that land you have selected for your school must be 2 acres or at least 1 acre for metropolitan cities having population more than 25 lakh.
“No objection certificate’’ is the mandatory document that is required to get CBSE affiliation, this has to be obtain from your state education department.
CBSE demands minimum 1sq.metre floor space per student in each classroom of your school.
The concerned trust or management should be of non – proprietary character. Further, duly attested documents, by first class magistrate, are required to get the knowledge of how the members are related or non- related with each other.
Your school should have suitable infrastructure including the furniture, office equipments, science lab, a library with minimum 1500 books and a computer lab with minimum 10 computers along with internet connection.
The school authorities should have adequate finances to pay salaries to the staff, not less than the corresponding categories of employees in the State Government Schools.
Fee charge should be decided properly and must be according to the facilities provided by the institution and under the heads prescribed by the Department of Education.
Admission of students in your CBSE School shall be made without any discrimination on the basis of religion, race, creed and place of birth or any of them.
Your school should have proper sanitary conditions, drinking water and fire safety precaution as prescribed by Municipal Authority of your area. It is mandatory to get a certificate from Municipal and Fire Authorities, to attach with application form for CBSE affiliation.
There should be proper provision and facilities should be available for physically challenged students in your school.
These are some of the basic requirements to be kept in mind while opening a CBSE school. Remember, it is not a one day task. Instead, it is a consuming process. If you wish to become successful in this fruitful business venture, then start your own school with our most trusted brand “SHEMFORD’’ .It is a researched based organization with 23 years of experience in education fraternity. Our 7 star support system includes training, recruitment, operational support, curriculum design and support, continuous product development, advertising and production support and purchase savings.

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