The Indian education sector provides rewarding business opportunities to growing entrepreneurs. It is fruitful to start 10+2 schools in the country, wherever there is requirement for senior secondary education. However, since starting own school in the country involves a lot of paperwork and is expensive as well, franchising can facilitate the provision of quality education in a more economical and easier way. A number of groups of schools are now offering attractive franchise opportunities for pre-schools, high schools and 10+2 schools. SHEMFORD is one such brand, which offers 10+2 franchise opportunities to enthusiastic entrepreneurs. If you want to take 10+2 school franchise opportunity in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Patna, Vadodara, Amreli or any other city in Gujarat, then joining hands with SHEMFORD will be beneficial for the following reasons:

Why Should I Take Franchise Opportunity from SHEMFORD?

SHEMFORD is experienced in the field of secondary school education. It is an established brand owned and supported by SHEMROCK – Delhi’s No.1 Chain of Pre Schools.
SHEMFORD is a research based organization that follows a proven success model.
The group offers stable 10+2 franchise opportunities in Ahmedabad, unaffected by business cycles.
SHEMFORD offers 5-tier support system to its franchisees. It provides support in recruitment and training of staff, marketing guidance, academic research and development and assistance in system and quality control.
Taking 10+2 school franchise opportunity from SHEMFORD assures maximum return and complete satisfaction in the venture.
It is easier to get associated with an established system than starting from scratch. Hence, taking 10+2 franchise opportunity in Ahmedabad, from SHEMFORD, can be beneficial.
So, if you want to join hands with SHEMFORD and take 10+2 school franchise opportunity in Ahmedabad, then fill the franchise application form given here.

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