Senior secondary education plays a crucial role in shaping the personality of growing adolescents. The methods of imparting education have also undergone a sea change, to meet the unending demand for quality education. Today, more and more schools are adopting curriculum and methods of teaching that are at par with global standards. This leads to increase in the competition to survive in the market and stand out from the crowd. In order to get noticed in the society, high schools and senior secondary schools are adopting several methods to project their image as the preferred educational institution. One of the most popular methods is to advertise the brand name of the school. However, since advertising and promotional activities are expensive, newly established 10+2 schools in India may not succeed to carve a niche for themselves in the market. Keeping this in mind, many people are resorting to more economical options that would save them a lot of money. Taking 10+2 school franchise opportunity is one such option.

By the term ‘franchise’, it is meant that the franchisee (individual or group of individuals) are given the right or privilege to make use of the brand name, operation of services or sale of goods. To serve the purpose, the franchisee follows the business model of an already successful firm. In the field of high school and senior secondary education, only a few have managed to establish their names in India. SHEMFORD is one such Group of Senior Secondary Schools, which is well-known for providing rewarding franchise opportunities in India and Abroad. If you want to take 10+2 school franchise opportunity in Andhra Pradesh, including Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Kakinada or any other city in the state, then getting associated with SHEMFORD will be beneficial in many ways.

Why Should I Take 10+2 Franchise Opportunity from SHEMFORD?

SHEMFORD is a Unit of SHEMROCK Group of Pre-Schools, which is experienced in the field of education for over 22 years.
SHEMFORD follows a proven business model, which is the fundamental reason for its success in the field of senior secondary education.
SHEMFORD, through its Group of Futuristic Schools, offers quality 10+2 education through its unique SHEM EduMAXTM system of curriculum and learning.
The Group offers complete support to its franchisees, in the fields of recruitment and training, inventory support, academic research and development, systems and quality control and marketing.
The Group offers promising future to its franchisees.
With exclusive territory assigned to you, taking 10+2 franchise opportunity in Andhra Pradesh, from SHEMFORD, will be a rewarding venture, because your territory will be clearly defined.
So, what are you waiting for? Fill few formalities on paper and take 10+2 franchise opportunity from SHEMFORD. To begin with, fill the Franchise Application Form given here.

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