Franchising is the process of getting the right or privilege to follow the business model of an already successful firm. By taking franchise opportunity of an existing firm, the franchisee is benefitted in many ways – he/she gets support in the areas of recruitment, training and operations. The franchisee doesn’t have to spend much on promotional activities. Thirdly, he/she can make use of the brand name of the parent company. In the field of education, many people are taking franchise opportunity from renowned groups of schools. When it comes to 10+2 school franchise opportunity, SHEMFORD is a well-known Group of Futuristic Schools.

SHEMFORD is a unit of SHEMROCK Group of Pre-Schools, which already has established its name in the field of education. With experience in the field, SHEMFORD has become India’s fastest growing International Chain of Schools. Today, the Group has spread its network all across India as well as in Doha. It offers rewarding 10+2 franchise opportunities in the country and Abroad. In Madhya Pradesh, SHEMFORD is functioning through the branches given below:

SHEMFORD in Madhya Pradesh:

1. SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Rewa

Shakuntala Tower, Boda Bagh Road, Khutehi Civil Line, Rewa-486001, Madhya Pradesh

2. SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Chhindwara

Gitanjaly Colony, Sioni Road, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

Why Should I Take Franchise Opportunity from SHEMFORD?

SHEMFORD operates its efficient 5-tier support system, which helps the franchisees to run their respective branches smoothly. The Group offers support in recruitment and training, marketing, academic research and development and systems & quality control. Apart from this, SHEMFORD branches also receive personalized support for choosing the 10+2 school building design and procurement of inventory supplies. SHEMFORD also provides support to its franchisees by sending Franchise Supervisors from its Corporate Office.
SHEMFORD is an established brand in the field of secondary school education. This ensures that the franchisees would get the required attention and popularity once they are into the education field.
SHEMFORD assures excellent returns and satisfaction. The Group also helps the franchisees to arrange finances, if required.
As a SHEMFORD Futuristic School, you will be able to garner respect in the society.
SHEMFORD follows a tested and tried franchise model, which helps the franchisees to achieve success in their venture.
So, join hands with SHEMFORD and take 10+2 school franchise opportunity in Bhopal and anywhere in Madhya Pradesh, including Bhind, Bilaspur, Indore and Ujjain. To begin with, you may fill the Franchise Application Form given on this page.

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