Quality secondary education is a pre-requisite for a money-spinning career ahead. Today, to meet the unending demand of inclusive education at the 10+2 level, many people who have started their own high schools are upgrading their respective institutions to higher secondary level. Starting your own 10+2 school anywhere in India can be a fruitful venture. However, it will turn expensive too, because costs involved in the promotion are high. So, taking franchise opportunity can be the better option. When it comes to 10+2 school franchises opportunities in Chandigarh, SHEMFORD stands out from the crowd. Here are the reasons why getting associated with SHEMFORD will be rewarding:

Why Should I Take Franchise Opportunity from SHEMFORD?

With experience for almost half a decade, SHEMFORD is the surefire choice to take 10+2 school franchise opportunity in Chandigarh, for the following reasons:
SHEMFORD Group of Futuristic Schools offers complete assistance to its franchisees through its 5-tier support system. The Group offers support in recruitment and training, marketing guidance, academic research and development, systems and quality control and personalized support for the procurement of stationery supplies.
SHEMFORD is an established brand, which follows a proven success model. It also offers promising future in the field of taking 10+2 franchise opportunity.
The Group offers assistance in the selection of location for your franchise. With clearly defined territory, franchisees can ensure smooth functioning of their respective branches.
SHEMFORD offers true value for money with no hidden costs.
So, join hands with SHEMFORD and be a part of India’s fastest growing International Chain of Schools. To begin with, you may fill the Franchise Application Form given here.

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