Franchising can be a smart way to enter into the Indian education sector in many ways. By franchising, the franchisee (individual/group of individuals) gets the right or privilege to follow the successful business concept of an already established firm, which in return gets royalty for the same. In India, currently there are many institutions that offer attractive franchise opportunity for pre-school, Kindergarten, Montessori school and the formal school (high school and senior secondary schools). If you want to take 10+2 franchise opportunity in Jharkhand, then you will be benefitted in many ways.

The chances of success in taking 10+2 school franchise are higher than starting your own school, because of the following reasons:

As a franchisee, you will be able to buy and follow the already proven business concept of your parent institution, which will reduce the chances of committing costly mistakes.
You will get complete assistance from your parent institution for site selection for your school’s building as well as in securing funding for your project.
Franchisors provide initial training to their franchisees.
National and even regional level advertising campaigns will be taken care of by the parent institution, which will ease the efforts taken by the franchisees for promoting their respective 10+2 schools.
By becoming a franchisee, you will get the much-needed support in creating operating systems, which will in turn help you to set up and run your institution.
When the network of your parent institution expands, you will be able to reap benefits of its goodwill and enhanced brand recognition.
10+2 school franchising creates a win-win situation for both the franchisees and franchisors. Hence, franchising is a rewarding venture that would help you to grow in your business. If you are willing to take franchise opportunity from an already established Group, then join hands with SHEMFORD. All you need to do is fill few formalities and be a part of India’s fastest growing International Chain of Schools!

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