Franchising is now a rewarding way to earn profits and name in the field of education. Many Schools are offering profitable franchise opportunities in different parts of India. On one hand, the franchisor gets the chance to expand his business. On the other hand, the franchisee (one who takes the franchise) is provided with opportunity to grow in the education sector. If you want to take 10+2 school franchise opportunity in Orissa including Bhubaneswar, Puri, Berhampur, Jeypore, Cuttack or any other area, then you will get the following benefits in different stages of your venture.

Taking 10+2 School Franchise Opportunities is Beneficial in the Following Ways:

By becoming a franchisee of an already popular group of schools, you can avoid trial and error period in starting your venture. This is because you will be able to follow the already tested, tried and proven business model of your parent company.
At the time of site selection for the construction of your 10+2 school in Orissa, you may approach your parent institution for allocation of your territory, which in turn will avoid confusion and clashes with other branches of the Group. Moreover, you will be provided guidelines on the selection of the land, its locality, how to complete legal formalities and the like.
When the construction begins, you will be provided with the list of suppliers, painters and artists for interior decoration work of your 10+2 school’s building.
At the time of staff recruitment, you can approach your parent institution and receive guidance on different criteria to be set for the selection of suitable and qualified professionals. Your franchisor can even offer assistance in the selection of HM/Principal/Vice-Principal, Academic Coordinator and even physical education/subject teachers for your 10+2 school in Orissa.
Your parent institution will provide you essential marketing tools, tips and techniques to promote your 10+2 school’s brand. You can also adopt the ideas of successful advertising campaigns conducted by your parent institution. The franchisor can also provide assistance in conducting Press Conference at the time of launch of your 10+2 school in Orissa.

The aforesaid benefits can be achieved if you get associated with renowned Chain of Schools. SHEMFORD is one such successful Chain of School, which offers lucrative franchise opportunities to enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their venture in the education sector. To join hands with SHEMFORD, you may fill the Franchise Application Form given here.

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