Franchising has evolved as one of the most preferred ways of expanding a business. It provides extraordinary opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneurs to work under an already established brand. With the increasing demand for secondary education, franchising in education sector has gained an immense popularity. Moreover, entrepreneurs who wish to enter the education sector find it lucrative to invest money in this recession-free sector. Today many educational institutions like preschools, kindergartens, learning centers, formal schools etc. provide attractive franchise opportunities to budding edupreneurs.

However, taking up a 10+2 school franchise opportunity is beneficial for the following reasons.

As a franchisee you don’t need to incur a huge capital investment as owing a school franchise saves a lot on marketing & promotional activities.
Since the brand is already known, you get to enjoy a good reputation in your community and get an easy acceptance in the market.
You can seek the franchisor for initial training on how to run and manage your school properly.
Since you are getting associated with an already tried and trusted brand, there will be an easy availability of loans from the banks and financial institutions.
You get continuous assistance from the franchising school in terms of site selection, construction, curriculum, recruitment, branding etc.
You get guaranteed support from the franchisor in terms of technical expertise and proper training for the administration, teachers & other staff for the smooth functioning of your school.
The school franchise opportunity not only benefits the franchising school (in terms of royalty) but also the franchisee (in terms of long term profits).

With over 50+ branches in India and abroad, SHEMFORD Futuristic School provides successful school franchise opportunities. Get associated with SHEMFORD and avail the benefits of its seven-star support system and run a school successfully anywhere in India. To begin with, fill the franchise application form given here or visit franchise FAQ .

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