Franchising has evolved as a surefire way to earn profits in the Indian education sector. The word ‘franchising’ means that the individual (or group of individuals) is given the right or privilege to use the brand name for the sale (of products)/ operations (of services). Taking franchise opportunity is rewarding, because the franchisee follows a proven and successful business model of an already established firm. In the field of education, franchising opportunity is available for the following educational institutions:

Montessori Schools
Primary School
10+2 Schools (Day Boarding and Residential)

Out of the aforesaid options, taking 10+2 franchise opportunity is highly beneficial, because the need for quality senior secondary education is increasing in the country. Taking 10+2 school franchise opportunity is also beneficial for the following reasons:

No tension of unsold inventory
Not affected by the regular business cycles
Starting senior secondary school is costlier than taking 10+2 franchise opportunity, because the former involves heavy spending on promotional activities
10+2 school ensures flexible work timings and a positive work environment

Due to the aforementioned reasons, taking 10+2 franchise opportunity can be indeed lucrative. If you are willing to enter into the flourishing education sector, join hands with SHEMFORD – India’s fastest growing International chain of schools. With experience for almost half a decade, SHEMFORD is expanding its network through its branches at 35 locations in India, out of which 31 are currently operational. So, be a part of SHEMFORD and get ready to gain recognition as franchisee of a preferred 10+2 school in Himachal Pradesh! If you want to start a 10+2 school in Himachal Pradesh just fill the Franchise Application Form given here.

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