Franchising has evolved as the most dynamic way to expand one’s business in the Indian education sector. Today, there are many institutions that offer attractive pre-school, Kindergarten, Montessori school and 10+2 school franchise to enthusiastic people who want to enter into the field of education. Franchising is beneficial for both the franchisee (the person who takes franchise opportunity) and the franchisor (the parent company who offers franchise). On one hand, the franchisor is benefitted by continuous inflow of income through payment of royalty and franchisee fee. On the other hand, the franchisee is rewarded with the brand recognition, training and support from the parent company. Here are some more benefits that make 10+2 school franchising a rewarding venture.

10+2 School Franchising is Beneficial Due to the Following Reasons:

Buying a 10+2 school franchise is better than starting your own school, because you will get the benefit of the brand recognition of your parent institution from day one.
By becoming a franchisee of a renowned institution, you will be able to avoid committing unnecessary and costly mistakes in starting and operating your venture.
By taking franchise opportunity, you can take the advantage of being a part of an institution whose business systems have been tested and proven in the market.
Your parent institution will provide you basic training for running your 10+2 school. Continuous ongoing support from your franchisor will help in smooth functioning of your venture.
As a franchisee, you can “buy” the experience and expertise required for your venture.
You will be able to seek solution from your parent institution for all your problems and queries.
You will also receive management support from your parent Group of Schools, which will enable you to check your progress and make plans for the future accordingly.
Purchasing and storing inventory will be hassle-free for you, if you take 10+2 school franchise opportunity in Kerala, from an established institution.
You will be able to reap better marketing results once you start operating under a recognized brand name through franchising.

All the aforesaid factors make franchising a better option than starting your own school. If you want to buy franchise of an already existing group of 10+2 schools, then SHEMFORD will be a surefire option. India’s fastest growing International chain of schools, SHEMFORD offers rewarding franchise opportunities all over the country. So, fill few formalities on paper and become a part of SHEMFORD – a brand to reckon with!

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