The term ‘franchise’ refers to getting the right or privilege to follow the business model of an already successful firm. In the field of education, franchising means that the individual/group (franchisee) would get the right to use the brand name of parent company, in return of which the franchisor (parent company) would get royalty. Apart from brand name, the parent institution is bound to give complete support to its franchisees. Franchising has evolved as a worthwhile venture in the field of education. Taking franchise opportunity from renowned schools is better option also because of the ease involved in the entire business. By becoming a franchisee, you would get support from parent company in the areas of promotion, recruitment, training, curriculum development etc. In the Indian education sector, one can take franchise opportunity from established schools at the following levels:

Play School
Montessori School
Formal 10+2 School

When it comes to 10+2 school franchise opportunity, SHEMFORD stands out from the crowd. India’s fastest growing international chain of schools – SHEMFORD is a unit of SHEMROCK Group of Pre-Schools. SHEMFORD is a wide chain of Senior Secondary schools functioning under the brand name “SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools”. If you want to take 10+2 franchise opportunity in Mumbai or any other state of Maharashtra, including Nagpur, Pune, Nashik, Thane, Aurangabad, then joining hands with SHEMFORD will be beneficial for the following reasons:

Why Should I Take 10+2 School Franchise Opportunity from SHEMFORD?

SHEMFORD offers personalized support to its franchisees. The Group supplies forms, manuals and operational materials required by its branches. It also helps you to save a lot of money on purchasing the required supplies. Franchisee supervisors offered by SHEMFORD are available for day-to-day queries.
The Group offers support for recruitment and training, to its franchisees. SHEMFORD ensures that qualified professionals are hired, who get proper training in operations, marketing and PR/Events, so that all SHEMFORD branches maintain the same quality of education.
SHEMFORD offers support to its franchisees so that they can publicize their respective branches through advertising and promotional activities.
SHEMFORD is a research-based organization. The efficient R&D Division of the Group focusses on continuous monitoring and up-gradation of the system.
Franchisees of the Group are given access to successful support network spanning all over India.
Since SHEMFORD helps in the site selection for its branches, so that the territory of the branches are clearly defined.

If you are interesting in taking 10+2 franchise opportunity in Mumbai, then join hands with SHEMFORD. You may fill the Franchise Application Form given here or visit franchise FAQ .

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