The term ‘franchising’ refers to getting the right or privilege to make use of the brand name of an already successful firm and follow its proven business concept. Franchising is now not new to the field of education. Many schools are offering lucrative franchise opportunities to start pre-schools, Montessori schools, Kindergartens and formal K-12 schools, with a view to expand their networks. It is beneficial in more ways than one. If you are planning to take 10+2 school franchise opportunity in West Bengal, including Kolkata, Howrah, Siliguri, Durgapur or any other area in the state, then you will be benefitted in the following ways.

Taking 10+2 school franchise opportunity in West Bengal is beneficial in the following ways:

The primary benefit of taking 10+2 franchise opportunity is minimization of risk. By following the defined and proven business format or method of operation of your parent institution, you will be able to avoid costly start-up mistakes.
By coordinating with your franchisor, you can find a suitable location for your 10+2 school in West Bengal. Moreover, your ‘territory’ will be clearly defined by your franchisor to avoid clashes with other branches of your parent institution.
One of the biggest benefits of taking franchise opportunity is that you can get assistance in procurement of raw materials required for the construction of the school. By getting associated with your franchisor, you can buy low-cost goods and supplies required for the purpose.
When the construction and finishing works are over, you may resort to your franchisor to seek assistance in recruitment and training of the staff of your 10+2 school in West Bengal. Your franchisor may also recruit Principal/School Head, Vice-Principal, HM and even teachers for your 10+2 school.
The best part of taking 10+2 franchise opportunity in West Bengal is that you will get complete guidance and assistance in marketing the brand name of your institution. You may follow the tested and tried marketing tools and techniques adopted by your franchisor.

Hence, franchising can turn out to be a rewarding venture in the field of education. If you want to take 10+2 school franchise opportunity in West Bengal, then you may resort to an already existing firm in the field, such as SHEMFORD. A Unit of SHEMROCK Chain of Pre-Schools, SHEMFORD has evolved as India’s fastest growing International Chain of Schools. To be a part of SHEMFORD, all you need to do is fill formalities pertaining to a few steps. To begin with, you may fill the Franchise Application Form given here or visit franchise FAQ .

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