Franchise Opportunities in India

For every prospective business design, the main idea is to reduce the risk factors or reduce the chances of failure. In this respect, Franchising provides the best-possible business mould where the main purpose is to make sure that the franchisor and franchisee both benefit. The franchisee is assured of minimization of risk whereas the franchisor is guaranteed a royalty fee in return. The franchisor has to look after the interests of the franchisee because of his own vested concerns. An unsuccessful franchisee would translate into no royalty being forwarded. Therefore, the franchisor makes sure to impart as much training/skills/support to the franchisee. In comparison, new start-up businesses have the risk of failure whereas the best franchise opportunities offered by reputed brands, companies make sure that the franchisee earns profits from its very inception.

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Common Practices
The franchisee-franchisor relationship is an ongoing process, like a continued association with a common goal. The best franchise opportunities have the parent organisation or the franchisor making sure that the franchisee doesn’t commit the same mistakes that had been committed when the business was initiated and had just started function. It is the duty of the franchisor to make sure that the wisdom gained from years of practice is passed on to the franchisee. The franchisee in turn is responsible for making use of these tips and providing an honest feedback regarding the relevance of the training/support provided by the franchisor.

Best Franchise Opportunities
1. Becoming a Master Franchisee — a master franchisee has an assured method of getting an income when compared to a normal franchise operator. As a master franchise, there is the provision of generation on income through personally-owned stores with a reduced royalty/franchise fee. In addition, a master franchisee can generate income through —
• Franchise Fees from a number of subordinate franchisees.
• Ongoing Royalties — this is the master franchisees main source of income source.
• Fee for products that are a part of additional services.
• Whenever, real estate is involved in a franchisee’s location, the master franchisee is usually involved in development of the site and basic infrastructure and charges a certain fee for it.
2. Buying an Existing Franchisee — sometimes people prefer to buy franchisees that are already functioning and bringing in profits. This is the most assured form of becoming a franchisee but it is quite expensive to buy a profit-making franchisee.

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How to choose the Best Boarding School in India

Parents shouldn’t blindly believe in the reputation of a boarding school, when selecting one for their child. A particular brand of a boarding school may not have the kind of facilities that are well-suited to the child’s temperament. For example, the best boarding school in Shimla may not be able to offer the needs of a particular child despite its prestige and reputation.

Core Curriculum — the most important factor to be considered while choosing a school has to be its curriculum. The curriculum should be comprehensive and exhaustive. Since, the students in a boarding school don’t often meet their parents, it is the responsibility of the parents to check upon the viability of syllabus and its suitability. The parents can even request for a copy of the school’s catalogue. Some schools have websites that showcase the highlights of their curriculum.

Class Size — the parents have to evaluate a child’s personality and evaluate whether the child would prefer a large academic set-up or a smaller setting with increased personal attention. The staff-student ratio also indicates the level of attention that would be provided to each student in the class.

Co-ed?— one major decision that parents need to make when choosing a schooling establishment for their child is regarding the choice between co-ed and same-sex boarding schools. For instance, a parent may come across the best boarding school in Shimla, but it could be a same-sex school, which for some parents isn’t a good choice as it decreases the chance to develop social skills with the opposite sex.

Type of School — boarding schools are of different types. Some of them are affiliated with a religious belief, such as many Baptist and Catholic schools that are counted among the best boarding school in Shimla. Some parents are very stringent regarding their preference for a child to be educated under a particular faith.

Extracurricular Activities — along with the educational curriculum and academic excellence of a boarding school, there should also be an emphasis on sports, music, arts, crafts, etc. to ensure the all-round development of a child. The availability and the nature of extracurricular activities in a school should be considered. A child may have particular talents and choosing a school that doesn’t have the facilities to develop these talents shouldn’t be considered.

School Environment — before finalising a boarding school, the parents should make at least one detailed visit to the school campus. This is the easiest method to gauge the environment of a school. Talking to some of the students, staff members and walking around the campus, noticing the better and the negative aspects regarding the infrastructure and the facilities can help the parents to make a better decision.

CAT 2008 Rush

CAT or the Common Admission Test is conducted annually for admission to all the branches of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). The lucky candidates who get through seek admission in IIM branches located in Ahmedabad, Indore, Bangalore, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Shillong and Lucknow. However, it is just not the IIMs, hundreds of other management institutes depend upon the CAT score for screening admissions in their institute.

This year there has been a buzz about the CAT with the implementation of the proposed OBC quota to take place. Like every year, 2008 too saw the maddening rush for this examination as nearly 2,70,000 aspirants appeared for the examination in 230 centres located in 23 cities. The general view was that the data interpretation (DI) section was perhaps the easiest, while the verbal section though easy, was very lengthy. Most candidates said that the QUANT (quantitative analysis) section was the toughest this year.

Rap Video To Attract Indian Students

A campaign has been launched by the UK Visa Services and British Council to try and smoothen the application process for a visa. The strange fact is that they have done this by releasing a rap music video. Britain receives a heavy traffic from Indian students who want to pursue their higher education there. The new and improved application process would also use a simpler Tier-4 system. The student-oriented rap music video can be located on:


Programmes for Government Servants at IIM-A

39 participants have enrolled themselves in an exclusive programme that will be held at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad — IIM-A. The basic ideology is to improve upon the skills needed for formulating better public policies. This postgraduate programme is also called the PGP-PMP and the core of its students are government servants. This initiative is aimed at addressing the need for better public management among the government employees. In fact, there is discussion in the Administrative Reforms Commission of diverting civil services towards the private sector too. This also marks the coming together of the government and corporate sectors.

Children’s Day Celebrations in India

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday on 14th November is fondly celebrated as Children’s Day in India, every year. Schools across the nation organise cultural events/activities for the students. Welfare organisations look forward for this opportunity to spread the awareness about their noble motives and enlighten people about the plight of the underprivileged children. While the children in the metros are fighting lifestyle diseases, their counterparts in the rural areas are faced with malnutrition and apathy towards their general welfare. The Day should be used to address the need for better childcare and healthcare facilities for the young generation across the nation. 

Most educators have taken this opportunity to stress upon the importance of investing in education. Other requisites are secondary in nature, the first and foremost factor along with their healthcare needs is the provision of proper primary education — laying a foundation for their lives.

In terms of literary contributions, nearly 100 books written by Astrid Lindgre — the Sweden grandmaster of children’s literature, were released by Oxford University Press as their Children’s Day initiative. The book has had phenomenal following since 1945 and has been translated in over 90 languages across 60 countries.

India’s Maiden Lunar Expedition

Indian’s maiden unmanned spacecraft — Chandrayaan-1 is expected to touch upon the Moon’s surface anytime on Friday, 14th November, 2008. The mission is bound to make a detailed study about the minerals present in the Moon’s crust. The Moon Impact Probe — MIP is supposed to land on the Moon anytime on Friday, 14th November 2008. It is equipped with a lander and rover, making it easier to collect samples to be sent back.

All the top officials of the Indian Space Research Organisation — ISRO are keeping their fingers crossed as everyone wants the Chandrayaan-1 to complete its mission and bring glory to the nation. Even as the nation awaits the reports forwarded by the nation’s most progressive lunar expedition spacecraft, already there are reports of Chandrayaan-2 being launched in 2012.

Students from Lucknow make it to IEMCC Finals

The students of Ram Manohar Lohia Law University, (RMLLU) have stormed into the finals of the 13th Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition (IEMCC) that are scheduled to be held in Florida in March 2008. The finals would be competed by 35 teams from across the globe. The initial rounds in India were competed by 21 teams belonging to different law institutions/universities.

IGNOU introduces Environmental Course

Indira Gandhi National Open University — IGNOU has introduced a new course related to the study of environment called the ‘Appreciation Course on Environment’. This course would be offered from the session beginning in January 2009. The course would be enriched with technological inputs like use of multimedia and would be developed in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The course is aimed towards increasing environmental awareness and updating professionals in this regard including engineers, doctors, planners and in general, the citizens who are committed to the cause of environment and its conservation.

Eligibility for seeking admission to this course is graduation from a recognized university. The duration is only of three months and the language medium would be both in English and Hindi. The prospectus/admission information can be sought from —

Registrar SR&D, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 68.

Frre Health Check-ups at DU’s Lady Irwin College

Free health check-ups under the umbrella of Nutrition for Health Care Mela was organised by DU’s Lady Irwin College for the people belonging to the low-income bracket and the university employees. This Health Mela was organised by the Department of Food and Nutrition. Arguably, this is the biggest healthcare event to have been organised in the history of Delhi University. People were provided with free heart, eye and general check-ups along with emphasis on nutritional and diabetes monitoring. The free health check-ups were accompanied with individual counselling. Display stalls included recognised brands like Glaxo Smithkline — the chief sponsor and was accompanied by participation from Fortis, Max and AIIMS.