DoE in Goa To Reconstruct The Schools

The Director of Education, which collaborated with Goa State Infrastructure Development GSID, has started it work to reconstruct the school facilities in the state. According to reports published in the state dailies, GSID has designed interactive classrooms and computer rooms for schools in Goa. It may worth be mentioning here that education infrastructure throughout India needs to be reconstructed and new equipments need to be installed to advance the educational development in the country.


As per the model designed for the schools, pupils will now be facing each other instead of the traditional classroom arrangement of the seats. Classrooms have been designed in such a way that the seating arrangement would be fashioned in a circular design, allowing students to have a visual contact over each other as well the teacher.

The managing Director of SHEMFORD Group of Schools, Mr. Amol Arora has appreciated the idea of modernizing the present day schools. Mr. Arora has participated in a number of workshops that were aimed at providing better means of education in the country.

A comparison between the popular schools in the West and the schools in India reveals that educational infrastructure here is still at the lagging end. As news schools and institutions are being equipped with the necessary equipments and provisions, we hope that the quality of education will improve over the course of time. However, all concerned agencies must be obliged to share the responsibility.

Education Bill Can Be A Boon To Preschools

As education experts wait in anticipation for the results of Right to Education bill, preschools may pay heed to their services and be ready for additional responsibilities. Right now, there is a lot of debate on reforming the education system and to endorse the best practices.

Arguments over school admissions have received the maximum attention. It is believed that thief the bill makes it all through the process, students from class I may have to appear for entrance tests to get admission in a school.

If children from class I have to appear in the test, somebody has to prepare them for the test. That is where preschools come in handy. Therefore, additional responsibilities will have to be shared by the parents and the preschools that train and prepare children to face interviews and tests.

Reconstructing Education System in Bihar

Among the states that have inadequate education facilities and malfunctioning systems, Bihar lies right at the top. However recent efforts undertaken up by various government and non-government has started to show some positive signs.
In the previous year, Governor R.S. Gavai initiated a number of reforms, particularly in higher education segment. However, the Governor exited in June this year, leaving behind the tasks for his followers and other agencies that have put on their faith to bring quality education to this state.
SHEMFORD Group of Schools is also working on a project to take its services to the region called Hajipur, in Bihar. The universities have already started to move ahead initiatives taken by new Vice-Chancellor’s. Government is also working on issues related to remunerations that are received by the teachers.
If things keep on moving at the current pace, the education profile of the state can be improved in a short span of time.

Preschool and Senior Secondary School Franchising

Both preschool and senior secondary school franchising have become one of the most sought after forms of educational franchises. Every prospective school franchisee should have a proper business plan for school franchising that should elaborate upon some fundamental issues. A prospective school franchisee can seek the help of a franchise consultant when creating a business plan for school franchising.

Business plan for school and Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement is a legally binding document that describes the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. For any prospective school franchisee, it is imperative to have a proper business plan. A business plan for school franchisee needs a well-defined franchise agreement that explains the franchisor’s expectations from the franchisee with regards to the acceptance of a certain business format and future growth prospects.

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The franchise agreement is designed in such a way that it lists all the privileges a prospective franchisee would enjoy. When the franchisee makes a business plan for school franchise, he can check out the franchise agreement to measure the extent of help that would be provided in terms of infrastructure, advertising, marketing and management for the proposed preschool/school and effectively calculate his level of involvement and probable costs that would be incurred.

Business plan for school and FDD

Some people might confuse a franchise agreement with a FDD — Franchise Disclosure Document. FDD is different, as it is a legal document that has to be provided by a franchisor to the prospective franchisee before any document of sale is signed or finalized. The business plan for school franchises would depend upon the FDD for providing the relevant information that helps the franchisee in making an informed decision about the school/preschool brand’s market worth. The FDD is provided before signing the final documents.

FDD and Franchise Agreement

A business plan for school franchising would include a FDD that would also provide comprehensive information about the franchisor’s financial background. The franchisor has to disclose lawsuits or bankruptcies in this FDD. Whereas, a franchise agreement is important to the business plan for school franchising because it outlines the franchisor’s expectations and responsibilities.  It consists of—

  • Explanation of Contract
  • Operations Manual
  • Proprietary-related statements —they directly affect a franchisee’s method of operation. A prospective school franchise would need to know the marketing/advertising procedures advocated by the franchisor when creating a business plan for school franchising.
  • Ongoing support from franchisor
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Schools and Business

The business for school and education in general has seen a monumental increase in India. The present scenario is witnessing a never-seen-before proportion of investments from private corporates and foreign investment firms. The business for school in India has gone beyond the realm for just boarding schools or international schools. Now, many city-based (10+2) schools are being financed by a number of corporates and have become an integral part of the Indian higher education. This change has come about with the government lifting many hurdles that used to hinder foreign investments. However, currently, there are still some legal issues that inhibit the business for schools from expanding across the nation..

For example, it is still not possible for the non-profit companies that are covered under Article 25 of CRA — Companies Registration Act, i.e. including industry associations from setting up institutions or get a recognised university prominence/recognition from the UGC — University Grants Commission. By adhering to such policies, business for schools is being hampered which eventually limits the spread of quality educational institutions in the country..

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Limitations to Business for Schools in India

There are still many reservations towards the expansion of business for schools in India regionally, i.e. some of these limitations are state-based and some of the restrictions have been levied by the central government itself. For example, educational institutions can be set-up in India only by recognised trusts/societies/charitable companies. However, the profits earned from such business from schools can’t be diverted outside the organization and have to be reinvested to a certain extent..

Now, these sorts of laws only hamper business for schools from further developing. This has a two-pronged negative affect on the education business scenario in India..

This sort of restriction hinders the educational institutes from spreading out and instead encourages the investors to delve into falsified accounting methods to spread out their profits from the established institution. Further, such policies discourage foreign investments. There are some states that are working towards answering this issue. For example, the state of Maharashtra is making sure that it encourages the business for school in their urban and semi-urban centres as it plans to limit the application of the above-mentioned clause. This would mean that the non-profit, Section 25 companies would be allowed to set-up educational institutions in India. This clause alteration still doesn’t affect the primary education sphere.

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Google India Zeitgeist-What Are We Searching?

At the fag end of the year, we all are much concerned of how the whole year passed and how the coming year should pass; be it parents, children, students, teachers, academicians. It is this proposition that makes our media active, and makes them beam all great events of the passing year. These events reflect a definite perspective, trends and what people have been mostly interested in.

There is however a marked change about how we are using various media. The most prominent is the increased use of Internet, which offers the gamut of information and opportunity to derive the contents rather push the contents. Therefore Internet searches made by the users provide a more credible source to know what the people have largely been interested in. To make it available, Google is one of the service providers that has taken the step forward and given us the Google Zeitgeist lists.

The year 2008 Google India Zeitgeist list tells us what has been the priorities of the Internet users and the general mass. The list contains:

Top 10 Lists:

Most Popular Searches

Fast Rising Searches

Most Popular Searches from Mobiles

1. Orkut

1. YouTube

1. Orkut

2. GMail

2. Orkut

2. Yahoo

3. Yahoo

3. Katrina Kaif

3. Waptrick

4. Google

4. Cricket

4. Gmail

5. YouTube

5. irctc

5. Games

6. Yahoomail

6. Facebook

6. Katrina Kaif

7. Indian Railway

7. Genelia d’souza

7. Rediffmail

8. Rediff

8. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

8. Yahoomail

9. Cricket

9. sixth pay commission

9. Namitha

10. Katrina Kaif

10. IPL

10. Google

Most searched queries (Bollywood Celebrities)

Sports Stars


1. Katrina Kaif

1. Sania Mirza

1. Mahatma Gandhi

2. Aishwarya Rai

2. Sachin Tendulkar

2. Raj Thackeray

3. Salman Khan

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

3. Sarah Palin

4. Hrithik Roshan

4. John Cena

4. Sonia Gandhi

5. Kareena Kapoor

5. Dhoni

5. Barack Obama

6. Shahid Kapur

6. David Beckham

6. Indira Gandhi

7. Deepika Padukone

7. Brett Lee

7. Rahul Gandhi

8. Shahrukh Khan

8. Khali

8. Abdul Kalam

9. Mallika Sherawat

9. Kaka

9. Manmohan Singh

10. Genelia D’souza

10. Roger Federer

10. Mayawati

Most searched queries Movies

Holiday Destinations

Economic Concerns

1. Jodha Akbar

1. Goa

1. Bombay Stock Exchange

2. Dasavatharam

2. Kerala

2. Pay Commission

3. Singh Is King

3. Kashmir

3. Income Tax

4. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

4. Dubai

4. Gold Rates

5. Jannat

5. Singapore

5. RBI

6. Tashan

6. Australia

6. Inflation

7. Ganesha

7. London

7. Crude Oil

8. Fashion

8. Shimla

8. Budget 2008

9. Rock On

9. Switzerland

9. Forex Trading

10. Race

10. Manali

10. Indian Economy

Important Days

Child Cartoon Characters

How to do Stuff

1. Independence Day

1. Tom And Jerry

1. How to reduce weight

2. Valentine’s Day

2. Ben 10

2. How to kiss

3. Friendship Day

3. Naruto

3. How to earn money

4. Teacher’s Day

4. Mickey Mouse

4. How to get pregnant

5. Earth Day

5. Spiderman

5. How to learn english

6. Republic Day

6. Batman

6. How to gain weight

7. Mothers Day

7. Pokemon

7. How to play guitar

8. Women’s Day

8. Tweety

8. How to create a website

9. Father’s Day

9. Superman

9. How to impress a girl

10. World Environment Day

10. Donald Duck

10. How to tie a tie

“Please” requests

“Where” requests

“Why” requests

1. Please teacher

1. Where the mind is without fear

1. Why MBA

2. Please note that

2. Where there is a will there is a way

2. Why should I hire you

3. Please feel free

3. Where eagles dare

3. Why so serious

4. Please do the needful

4. Where to invest

4. Why Walmart failed in Korea

5. Please find attached

5. Where the truth lies

5. Why do people smoke

6. Please help me

6. Where is god

6. Why is the sky blue

7. Please investigate your browser

7. Where the world meets

7. Why did I get married

8. Please don’t go

8. Where is the love

8. Why do we fall ill

9. Please contact service provider

9. Where is my boss

9. Why did the chicken cross the road

10. Please wait while we are opening the image for cropping

10. Where is Mauritius

10. Why do we dream

Government Websites

“What is” requests

“How do I” requests


1. what is global warming

1. how do i enable javascript


2. what is internet

2. how do i live without you


3. what is computer

3. how do i know ration card details in hyderabad


4. what is love

4. how do i remove virus from my pc


5. what is repo rate

5. how do i get rid of old acne scars


6. what is inflation

6. how do i register a company in india


7. what is sensex

7. how do i know i am pregnant


8. what is bpo

8. how do i breathe


9. what is erp

9. how do i write an authentication letter for art


10. what is mutual fund

10. how do i get pregnant

Price Query

Looking for Cheap things

Hindi Queries

1. gold price

1. cheap air tickets

1. राशिफल

2. mobile prices

2. cheap web hosting

2. फोटो गैलरी

3. crude oil price

3. cheap laptops

3. शायरी हिन्दी

4. nokia price list

4. cheap hotels

4. ऐश्वर्या राय

5. iphone price

5. cheap mobile phones

5. इंडियन रेलवे

6. steel prices

6. cheap travel insurance

6. कैटरीना कैफ

7. share prices

7. cheap domain registration

7. समाचार

8. laptop prices

8. cheap car insurance

8. हिन्दी गाने

9. car prices

9. cheap books

9. जोक्स

10. wholesale price index

10. cheap package holidays


Mumbai Queries

Kolkata Queries

Delhi Queries

1. mtnl mumbai

1. Calcutta telephones

1. mtnl delhi


2. List of colleges in West Bengal

2. mcd



3. dvat


4. air pollution pics

4. delhi high court

5.fame adlabs

5. mobile videos download

5. dda


6. inox kolkata



7. mandarmani

7. delhi govt


8. pscwb

8. affordable quality homes

9.marathi news

9. West Bengal tourism

9. delhi police

10.marathi kavita

10. lici

10. hardy thomas

Overloaded School Buses

In many cities and suburbs, parents find it very difficult to drop and pick their children from school. It happens mostly for primary and secondary schools which are far off from the residential quarters. Therefore school authorities are obliged to provide the transportation services. But due to surplus population and limited means of transportation, children are dealing with the real brunt as they are loaded in the school and private vehicles.

In metropolitan cities, school vans and private vans are overloaded with children, many of whom are just kids. A small van which can carry about 8 children comfortably, can be seen carrying more than 12 children and in worst possible cases more than 16. This leaves very little space for the children to sit comfortably in the vehicle.


Private vehicle owners go a step ahead as they are paid monthly charges by the parents. More children in the vehicle mean more money. Parents who cannot afford to hire a cab or provide for transportation are thus compelled to go for these shared vans. Poor children can’t even complain or argue for their case.

As per reports published on a website, the ministry of primary and secondary education in Bangalore will go ahead with the issuance of a notice to check the overloaded school vans, failing which the government will take an action against the perpetrators.

Best Preschool Network in India

Many preschool chains in India try and put forth the image that theirs is the best preschool network in India, but the reality is quite contrasting. Most of these preschools aren’t professionally-managed or administered in a manner that can promise the quality of preschooling to be maintained across their branches/franchises. In order to become the best preschool network in India, it is important that the preschool’s franchise relationship and expansion set-up is exemplary.

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Businesses & Franchise Model
There are three basic types of business that qualify for expansion through the Franchise model. These three are the distributorship, brand name licensing and business format franchise. Out of these three, preschool networks have been established on the business format type of franchises.


 Business-format franchise — this is the most common of all franchise formats where the Franchisee acquires the right to own a business system that has been set up by the franchisor. The franchisee pays because the franchisor already has an established brand name and an enviable track record. The payment is done in the name of a pre-determined royalty fee which is mentioned in the franchise agreement. This format is special because the franchisor-franchisee relationship doesn’t end with the financial aspect of the dealing. Rather, the franchisor is supposed to provide continued training, sales support, cost-cutting through bulk purchasing and marketing, advertisement support.

A reputed preschool network is more likely to have a master franchise or the presence of a regional director who are supposed to exude the attitude of the actual franchisor. In order to establish a good network in the country, a franchisor needs to maintain smooth-running relations with the franchisees. This isn’t an obligation that is being considered by the franchisor, because a better-performing franchisee essentially translates into better-earning franchisor, i.e. the franchisor earns through the royalties collected.

Franchisee Initiative — some people may mistake that all the professional obligations rest with the franchisor. In fact, the initiative taken by the franchisee plays a pivotal role in making a chain of preschools the best preschool network in India. This could be done through a number of means,
• Extending the public relations of the franchisor through business/formal or social networking.
• Giving ideas for improvement of curriculum of that brand of preschool.
• Helping the franchisor gain a realistic picture of what the client is expecting.

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Franchise Opportunities in Delhi

The national capital of India, Delhi, is a trade and commerce hub and there have always been ample opportunities for the entrepreneurs and investors here. Some great industrialists and business corporates started from this place only. Recently, the metropolis has witnessed a number of business activities and franchising is one among them.

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What has helped franchising to grow in and around Delhi?

There are many factors responsible for the growth of franchising business in and around Delhi, like:

  • Delhi is an important trade and commerce centre in North India. There is availability of plethora of resources needed to develop infrastructure. Building costs are much affordable.
  • There are numerous financial institutions that help in providing the capital to entrepreneurs and investors in their projects.
  • Man power and professional workforce is also one of the reasons making it a good destination for franchisors and investors.
  • There is a huge population that has to be supported in the vicinity. With over 1.6 crore population, the city has to provide amenities to its people.
  • The accumulation of wealth is also one of the reasons for new startups that emerge now and then.
  • Foreign brands and services have made successful entry in the metropolitan cities, including Delhi. Thus, many service providers from outside India have been pouring into the city.

Popular Franchises Available in Delhi
So far the most happening industries and services for franchising near Delhi have been those of restaurants, food joints, clothing, retail shops and education institutions. The competition in most of them has reached to a critical mark, except school franchising. School franchising stems out of the education services and there are still a lot of opportunities available.

Advantages of Franchises in Delhi
Franchising is a proven business practice and is less risky than starting a project independently. Unless one is very much sure and confident of the success of the business proposal, there is always a risk of failure with early setbacks. However in business franchising, everything has already been put to practice and tested.

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Are Indian Schools In Foreign Countries Performing Better?

Recently, there was a post on an online journal about CBSE affiliated school in gulf and various activities it was engaged in. For instance take the example of International Indian School Dammam.  The school is one of the popular institutions in Saudi Arabia. There are many other CBSE affiliated schools in Asia and gulf region.

A quick look at the curriculum and calender of these schools reveal that they have evolved into better institutions than the schools established in our own country. This may sound a concern to the educationists in the country. Our own experts at SHEMFORD have described many bottlenecks in the education system and particularly schools established in India.

Some of the points highlighted, which contribute in the under performance of our schools, have been given as:

  • Underdeveloped Infrastructure
  • Rigid and conventional methods of teaching
  • Deficient qualified staff
  • Primitive practices largely followed in schools
  • Inappropriate curriculum

A few of the institutions in India, mostly private, have made a great progress in the last one decade. These schools are in no way less famous than those established in other countries. The people responsible for their achievements have studied, selected and implemented the best practices in education known throughout the world. These are the schools much needed in India.