Throw a Prank on April Fool’s Day

A very appropriate day to take revenge from an enemy or even a friend by way of a prank, the April fool’s day is awaited by everyone and is remembered by those who were victims of the pranks. You too can try out various pranks on your friends and family and have a great time on this April fool’s day. Make it harmless though full of fun for everyone. Try out some great April fool’s day pranks some of which are:

  • A very common prank to play on family is to set an alarm of 2 or 3 AM in the morning and hide it under the bed. Members of family will be troubled and will not be able to find the clock for sure.
  • Get up early morning and use superglue to stick eggs to the crate. Ask your mother or sister desperately for eggs in breakfast. The eggs will come if tried too hard to be taken out. Be sure to be there to have fun!
  • At a public place, exchange the ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ signs on doors. People will face a lot of confusion with these doors and you can have your share of fun by being a witness to this.
  • Replace a coffee-filled can with an empty container of the same brand and leave a note at the bottom for the person who tries to make coffee.
  • Take a cardboard box and cover it with a frosting and to make it look like a cake. Then keep it in the kitchen and wait for anyone who tries to cut out a slice of it!
  • Fathers can also play tricks on their children by telling them that their teacher called to say she has lost the answer sheets of exams and they will be required to give the tests again.

With these superb ideas, have fun on this April fool’s day. Make this day truly one which is full of mischief and instil a lot of happiness in everyone around you.

Get set for Entrance Exams

The 12th standard CBSE board exams are almost over and this current stress will not merge into the run for the various entrance exams that will be scheduled right after this month onwards. Different degree and diploma courses have their entrance exams scheduled on various dates for which students are required to appear to get into the course.

  • The Institute of Management Studies of HP University in Shimla has their entrance test called as HP-CMAT 2009 on June 6. Last date for submission of forms is 16th May 2009.
  • The MAT-2009 or Management Aptitude Test by AIMA, New Delhi will be conducted on May 3rd at 10:00 AM. 8th April is the last day of availability of form and 15th May is the last for submissions.
  • The UPCAT-Dental entrance exam for admission to the course Bachelor of Dental Surgery is scheduled for 17th May 2009 by the Association of Private Medical and Dental Colleges of Uttar Pradesh. The last date for submission of forms is 30th May 2009.
  • Entrance examination for Delhi College of Engineering course of part time B.Tech 2009 will be held on May 31st, 2009. The entrance will be for the degree course in civil, electrical, mechanical and electronics and communication for 2009.
  • The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi is conducting its entrance examination for various PG diploma courses on the 19th of May. The Bhubaneshwar centre will hold the examination on 18th of May.

CBSE to launch new courses

With the changing perspective of society and therefore of the students, the need of upgrading education has finally been met with. Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE has now decided to introduce more career-oriented courses this session onwards. These courses will help the students choose more specific fields of study which will be a great eye-opener for specific key skills and interest that they have.

After experimenting with a new course of Financial Markets planning in eleventh standard curriculum, the CBSE has decided over a few other courses as well which will be introduced in the forthcoming session. These courses include ‘Human Rights and Gender Studies’, ‘Heritage Crafts’, ‘Film and Media Studies’, ‘Visual Arts and Graphic Designing’, ‘Art Appreciation’ etc. These courses are being designed with assistance from the National Council of Educational Research and Training and would cater to the professional outlook of the students for their future. A phased format is being thought over to introduce these courses and very soon they would be a part of the curriculum prescribed for the +1 and +2 levels.