New Year | New Year Celebrations

New Year, celebrated around the world with full fun and fervour, symbolizes the beginning of another year. Everyone has a different way to celebrate the day, which is generally marked by parties, feasts and family get togethers.

“NEW YEAR” is a day of self-analysis wherein people remember what all they have achieved in the last year and they look forward to the promise of a new year.

People celebrate New Year with their family members and friends by remembering their successes and achievements in the last year. Apart from family get together at home, people go out to have dinner in hotels, arrange family outings to amusement parks and watch movies. Also, many people gather in malls to give a farewell to the passing year and welcome the New Year, joyfully.

Everyone wishes to start the New Year on a good note. People greet each other and wish them health & good luck. They also thank each other for all their love and support in the form of New Year gifts, flowers and greeting cards. With a new dawn, people plan new resolutions and decide upon the new courses of action on the day, for the rest of the year.

Apart from celebrations, inculcate values in your children on this occasion by following the tips given below:

  • Explain the meaning of New Year to your children and tell them why it is celebrated.
  • Give them an opportunity to learn about the bond of togetherness by arranging a theme party at your home. Also, invite family members and their friends on this day.
  • Let your children know about sharing by distributing New Year’s gifts to their friends. Sit together with your children and pack these gifts for their friends.
  • Instill the feeling of care in your children by encouraging them to make greeting cards for their teachers and loved ones.
  • Help them to know about the value of team work by asking them to help you in preparing a cake for the New Year party.
  •  Infuse creativity in your children by asking them to decorate the house with balloons, lights and coloured ribbons.
  • Impart the traditional values by visiting a place of worship, with your children, on this day and ask them to wish health and good luck for themselves and their loved ones.

Last but not the least, ask your children to take a New Year resolution, which they can follow throughout the year. This will instill in your children, a sense of responsibility to accomplish their aim in the upcoming Year. So follow the above tips and welcome the New Year together with your children by saying Happy New Year!

School Franchise Opportunities in Madhya Pradesh

                    School Franchise Opportunities in Madhya Pradesh

Due to the increasing demand for institutions that offer uniform quality of education, investment in the education sector has become a wise decision. Moreover, being a recession-free sector, investment in the education sector is profitable. Nowadays, the concept of franchising in the field of education is also fast gaining importance. There are a number of educational institutions such as preschools, kindergarten schools, Montessori schools, primary schools and formal 10+2 schools; that offer franchise opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneurs. However, formal school franchise opportunities in Madhya Pradesh are extensive.


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If you wish to start a school in Ujjain, Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur or any other part of Madhya Pradesh, go through the step-wise procedure given below:

    • Firstly, ascertain the amount of capital investment required to start your school in Madhya Pradesh. Ideally, to start a formal 10+2 school, the amount of investment required is approximately Rs. 1-2 crores. However, the investment may vary depending upon the location you choose.
    • Secondly, look for a location suitable for your school and acquire the land. Usually, an area of around 1-2 acres is sufficient to accommodate the school building and a playground.
    • Once you have acquired the land, the next step is to obtain the sanction from the local municipal corporation to gain the official possession of the land.
    • Further, obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Department of Education, failing to which you cannot start the construction process.
    • As soon as you obtain the NOC, start the construction of your school building. Ensure that your school consists of the basic infrastructural requirements such as spacious classrooms, well-equipped library, a huge playground, Science and Computer labs, activity room etc.
    • Apart from this, you need to seek affiliation from a recognised board of education. The most prominent school affiliating authorities in India are CBSE, ICSE and State Boards. CBSE offers affiliation to both English as well as Hindi medium schools. However, ICSE board grants affiliation to English medium schools only.
    • Once the school building is completely furnished and ready to start its operations, start recruiting the staff for your school. For this, you can conduct the interviews on your own or you can consult a placement agency which will help you to recruit qualified staff for your school.
    • Lastly, promote your school. You can promote through flyers, pamphlets, banners & hoardings, advertisements in newspapers & journals etc. to grab the attention of the prospective parents.


Starting a school is undoubtedly a fruitful venture. However, if you feel that starting a school on your own is a complicated and tedious process, then it is advised to own a franchise of an established school. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one of India’s leading chain of 10+2 schools that offer lucrative franchise opportunities. With its 7-star support system, SHEMFORD provides training and support to all the aspiring business persons who want to enter the education sector. So, if you want to reap the benefits as SHEMFORD franchise,click here to fill the Franchise Application Form.


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School Franchise Opportunities in India

School Franchise Opportunities in India


Franchising is the system of expanding a business and an opportunity to work under an established brand name. Franchising is the process wherein a franchisor offers the franchisee to use its business model. There are plenty of business franchise opportunities present in India i.e. almost all industries offer franchise opportunities like fitness, food and beverages, IT etc. However, it has been witnessed that more individuals and group of persons are inclined towards investment in the education sector. Being a recession-free sector, it is very evident that more and more aspiring entrepreneurs wish to invest in the education sector. Furthermore, to meet the ever-growing demand of standard education, investment in a school is an intelligent and a wise decision. Therefore, to reap maximum benefits with minimum investment, it is advisable to take up a school franchise.

Further, business franchising is a win-win situation for the franchisor, franchisee and the prospective customers. In India, franchising in the education sector is always at its boom. There are various sub-sectors, investment in which will turn out to be fruitful. They are:


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    • Playschool
    • Preschool
    • Kindergarten
    • Montessori school
    • Day care centre
    • Formal 10+2 school
    • Learning centre
    • Training centre
    • Educational Institution
School franchising is the best option to choose from as it offers the following benefits:
    • Apart from the franchise fee, a school franchisee does not have to incur a huge investment cost. This is because there is less promotional and administrative cost involved on part of the franchisee.
    • Further, after getting associated with an established brand, the franchisee enjoys a good reputation in the education sector. This means that the franchisee enjoys easy acceptability in the market.
    • It is the franchisor’s responsibility to help the franchisee at every step. For instance, the school franchisor helps the franchisee in completing all the legal formalities including acquiring the land for the school building, arranging funds etc.
    • Also, to boost the working operations of the franchisee, the franchisor offers support in the form of trained professionals and technical expertise. The franchisor provides training with respect to administration, staff recruitment process etc.
    • Last but not the least; the franchisee reaps the benefit of ensured returns on investment. Apart from serving the society, it is a profitable venture that benefits both the franchisor (in terms of royalty) and the franchisee (in terms of long-term profits).


Business franchising is a legally accepted model and it is the best way to expand the existing business structure. Moreover, business franchising in the education sector is a win-win situation for both the parties involved i.e. the franchisor and the franchisee. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a well-established name in the formal education sector. With over 50+ branches across India and Abroad, the chain of schools provides a 7-star support system to its franchisees. So, complete a few formalities andclick here to fill this Franchise Application Form to start a school with ease and comfort.

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School Franchises Opportunities in Bangalore

Nowadays, business franchising is the most popular and a very successful way to expand any kind of business. This is because it helps you to earn huge profits without involving high capital risk. Moreover, with the entry of many entrepreneurs in business fraternity, franchising has become evident these days. In India, franchising in the education sector has become a hit, specifically in 10+2 segment. Moreover, opting for a franchise opportunity from a well-known brand in this sector is beneficial in following ways.

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Benefits of school franchise opportunity in Bangalore:

    • It is an intelligent decision to be a part of a renowned group of schools than setting up an entirely new school on your own.
    • Franchising business generally involves all cash and no-credit policy which is beneficial for both the franchisor and the franchisee.
    • Further, school franchise opportunity offers timely assistance from the franchisor at the time of selecting a location for your school.
    • The franchising school also helps you in the construction and designing of your school building.
    • The franchising school also helps you in the recruitment process for hiring qualified staff for your school in Bangalore. You may also resort to the franchisor to provide training to the administrative staff, principal and teachers.
    • Taking up a school franchise saves a lot on promotional activities and enables you to reap benefits of the brand recognition of the franchising school.
    • As a franchisee, your school will be provided with a well-developed curriculum which will further reduce your efforts involved in the academic research.
    • You will be provided with administrative manuals to ensure a smooth running of your school.

These factors together make school franchising in Bangalore, a lucrative venture. If you too want to take up a school franchise for opening a 10+2 school in Bangalore, then get associated with SHEMFORD – the leading pioneers in the educational fraternity. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools offer a successful franchise model that will help you to avail benefits in terms of expert support and guidance from the SHEMFORD’s Corporate Office. So, complete a few formalities and click here to fill the simple Franchise Application Form.


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Requirements for Opening a New School in Delhi

Although, the Indian education system is recognized to be one of the largest in the world, still there is a shortage of good schools as compared to the ever-increasing population of school going children in India. Due to this, the schooling sector offers huge opportunities to business persons to come forward and start their own schools. Moreover, the extending demand for more schools has made education sector the most fruitful and profitable enterprise to invest in time & money. If you are considering opening a new school in Delhi, start with an elementary school first and then apply for up-gradation afterwards. This is because; there is a tremendous growth in the demand for formal schools.

Below mentioned are the requirements for opening a new school in Delhi.


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    • Firstly, you are required to form a Trust/Society registered under the India Trust Act, 1882/the Societies Registration Act,1860. This is obligatory as; no school can be run by a private individual.
    • Secondly, you need to formulate a business plan which highlights all the basic requirements like the funding options, selecting location, planning infrastructure, obtaining permissions, marketing strategies etc.
    • Thirdly, you need to look for a location which is suitable for opening a new school. After finalizing the location, you need to obtain the NOC, on the basis of which you can buy the land (in your selected location) from the land owning agencies.
    • After procuring the land, you are expected to begin with the construction. However, before starting with the construction work, first develop a blue print of the school building specifying the positions & dimensions of classrooms, other rooms, playground and the auditorium. You may appoint a professional architect to design the blue print for your school.
    • When the construction is over, you are expected to seek affiliation to a recognized educational board. In case you want your school to be listed amongst the top schools in Delhi, get it affiliated to CBSE, as it is one of the most popular board of education.
    • After completing all the formalities for seeking affiliation, you need to acquire all the other permissions as well. These include getting permits from the fire department, water department, health & sanitation department etc.
    • Simultaneously, you may begin with the hiring process. For this, you may tie-up with a reputed placement agency, which will help you to hire efficient and qualifies staff. After the hiring process, you may also provide training to your staff on how to manage and run the school operations.
    • Lastly, you are supposed to launch your school to invite admissions. Good marketing strategies such as conducting local events, marketing online, creating a website, displaying hoardings etc. will help you to serve this purpose.

So, these are the basic requirements for opening a new school in Delhi. However, the procedure is not as easy as it seems, as getting permissions & affiliation involves a lot of paper work and fulfillment of certain requirements. Besides this, the entire procedure is tedious and time-consuming. So, an easy way out is to join hands with an established brand. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is a brand in the education sector which is acknowledged for providing formal education to the children. The CBSE affiliated school – SHEMFORD provides fruitful franchise options for aspiring investors. So, click here to  fill the Franchise Application Form and open a new school with ease.


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Requirements for Opening a CBSE School

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the oldest and the most popular examination boards of India. It supports various schools in imparting knowledge and maintaining uniform standards. Besides this, it is a self-financing body which is responsible for developing the curriculum for schools that are affiliated to it. Moreover, the board has established certain norms that need to be followed by these schools.


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However, opening a CBSE school anywhere in India demands a lot of commitment and a large amount of investment. However, the unending demand for more schools has paved way for budding entrepreneurs to start their own venture.

The following essentials need to be taken care of, while opening a CBSE school:

Finance/capital – Investment is the first pre-requisite for opening a school anywhere in India. This investment should accommodate all the necessary infrastructure & furniture, teaching & sports equipment, laboratory apparatuses, stationary etc. Typically, an investment of around 2 to 3 Crores is required. This can be arranged by approaching financial institutions or banks that provide loans for this purpose.

Registration – Registration of the school committee under a Trust/Society is the next important step. It is essential to get a proper guidance related to all the rules & regulations for the proper running of the school.

Site & land – The minimum land area for opening a CBSE school in a metropolitan city with a population exceeding 25 lakhs is approximately 1 acre which can further vary in accordance with the type of school and the location you choose. The land requirement is almost the same in hilly areas also. However, in all the other places, the land area should not be less than 2 acres. The land can either be leased (with a rental agreement of minimum 30 years) or can be your own property. Further, the site chosen should be such that it provides easy accessibility from all modes of transport.

Procurement of NOC – The NOC (No-Objection Certificate) needs to be obtained from the government of the state where you are planning to open a CBSE school because then only you will be able to start the construction of your school.

Construction – On one part of the land, a proper school building should be constructed depending upon the number of students to be accommodated in the school. Besides this, a playground big enough to accommodate all the necessary sports and extra-curricular facilities should be maintained on the remaining part of the land.

CBSE affiliation – For obtaining CBSE affiliation, a list of documents namely, the NOC obtained from the State Government, approval from the Municipal Corporation of the state and clearance from the Health department needs to be submitted to the board authority.

Recruitment – Recruiting a qualified and experienced staff is essential to create & maintain excellent education system in the school.

Promotion – Finally, marketing and advertising your school in the neighbouring areas is important for the successful establishment of your school. This will further help you to attract more number of admissions.

A number of schools in North India are affiliated to CBSE board of education because CBSE is one of the most trusted boards in India which aims at providing quality education to students. However, opening a CBSE school is not just about setting up the infrastructure but also involves attaining permissions at various levels. So, instead of opening a school on your own, opting for a SHEMFORD franchise is a better option. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is a CBSE school with 24 years of experience in the education sector. It offers beneficial school franchise opportunities in various states of India. So, click here to fill the simple franchise application form to become a franchisee of the most renowned brand in the education fraternity.


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Steps of Primary School Registration in India

After preschools, elementary schools are the very first section of compulsory education for every child. The primary goal of such schools is to establish a strong academic foundation. Moreover, primary education has been made compulsory for all children of the age group 6 to 14 years, under The Right to Education Act (RTE) 2009. This in turn has led to an increase in the demand of schools in India. So, starting a primary school can prove to be a fruitful enterprise for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here is a step-by-step procedure that will help you to register a primary school in India.


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    • Firstly, you need to form a committee with minimum three members and get this committee registered as a society/trust under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. This is because most of the private unaided schools in India are run by the charitable trust/society.
    • Next, you need to prepare a business plan for your primary school. Your plan should highlight all the necessary details like budget, location, furniture, faculty, wooden work etc. This will give you a clear picture of your future school.
    • The next important step is to develop a budget. To start a primary school anywhere in India, you would require a capital of about Rs 15-20 lakhs. You need to carefully distribute your budget for construction of school building, buying furniture and equipment, advertising and hiring staff.
    • After securing the required budget, you need to find an appropriate land & location for your school. The minimum land requirement for a primary school in India is 8000 sq. ft to 10000 sq. ft. The land should be non-agricultural and should be preferably located in a peaceful atmosphere.
    • Furthermore, you can begin with the construction of the school after obtaining the No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Directorate of Education (DoE) of the respective state. For the purpose of construction, you can hire an architect to make a plan specifying all the necessary infrastructural requirements that include positioning of classrooms, computer room, staff room, toilets, activity rooms, library and playground. After the construction is over, you can start with whitewash and interior decoration.
    • The next important step is to get your primary school recognized from the concerned authority. Generally, the Municipal Corporation Authority of the state provides recognition to the primary schools.
    • After receiving the recognition, you need to hire qualified staff. You may conduct interviews for different posts such as educators, administrative staff, accounts executive, other supporting staff etc.
    • Once the school is ready for operations, it is the time to market your school. Plan effective marketing strategies that invite potential parents and attract their attention towards school facilities. To serve this purpose, you may opt from various means of media or you may conduct press conference announcing the launch of your school.

The above steps will guide you through the entire process of opening a primary school. However, if you feel inexperienced and the procedure seems to be a hurdle for you, then you may resort to taking franchise from an already existing educational institution. SHEMFORD – India’s fastest growing chain of schools, offers lucrative franchise opportunities. So, to get associated with SHEMFORD, click here to fill the simple Franchise Application Form.

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Requirements for New CBSE School

Education plays an indispensable role in the life of every individual. Moreover, school education plays a vital role in nurturing and preparing the children to ensure their holistic development. In India, there is an unending demand for standardized institutions that offer quality education. This has paved way for many investors who wish to invest in this ever-growing sector. Setting up a school is a very tedious and lengthy procedure. It involves a lot of legal formalities in terms of securing funds, obtaining NOC and other important documents. Moreover, the most important aspect is to seek affiliation from a recognized board of education. Schools in India seek affiliation to CBSE, CISCE or State Boards of Education. Moreover, schools affiliated to CBSE are the most trusted brands in India that provide standardized education. CBSE is the apex board of education that grants affiliation to Government or Government aided, private and public schools across the country. Furthermore, CBSE offers provisional, regular and permanent affiliation. Therefore, it would be an intelligent decision to start a school affiliated to CBSE.

Here is a list of the requirements for starting a new CBSE school:


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    • Firstly, you must ensure that the land you have chosen should be at least 2 acres or at least 1 acre in case of metropolitan cities having population more than 25 lakh.
    • Next, it is mandatory to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Department of Education.
    • Also, as per the guidelines of CBSE, you must ensure that each classroom is built on a minimum area 500 sq. ft. Make sure that the classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated.
    • If the school is running under a society/trust, then make sure that it is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or the Indian Trust Act,1882, respectively. Moreover, forming a society will depict the non-profit motive of the organisation.
    • Further, your school should possess appropriate infrastructure. This includes the furniture, office equipment, Science, Math & Computer labs.
    • Also, there should be a well-equipped library with at least 1,5oo books for reference.
    • The school should have sufficient funds to pay salaries to the staff and to ensure break-free operations in the organisation.
    • The fee should be charged under the heads prescribed by the Department of Education and according to the facilities provided by the school.
    • It must be ensured that the students are enrolled without discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion.
    • There should be proper provisions for safety, sanitation and safe drinking water.

So, these are some of the essential requirements to start a new CBSE school. It must be noted that it is not an easy task to set up a school on your own. So, instead you should opt for a franchise. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a reputed brand name that runs a CBSE chain of schools.  Being a research based organisation SHEMFORD has carved a niche for itself with over 50+ branches across India and Abroad. So, if you wish to reap the benefits as its franchise, complete a few formalities and fill the Franchise Application Form.


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Process and Steps to Start a College

Today, higher education is gaining immense popularity as it not only prepares students to achieve success in life but also helps them to lead a better standard of living. Moreover, the education sector is one of those sectors that are not heavily affected during the time of financial crisis. It is one such sector that has proven to be the most profitable venture due to its ever increasing popularity. Hence, the aspiring educationists are showing interest to enter in the education sector.


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    • The very first step that you need to undertake before starting your college is the formation of a Society/Trust with minimum three to four members preferably from the educational background. Ensure that the members you include in your society agree to provide you with financial support.
    • Next, you need to register this society under the Societies Registration Act,1860 or the Indian Trust Act,1882, respectively to prove its non-profit motive.
    • After dealing with all the legal formalities, you need to acquire a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Department of Education (DoE) of the state where you wish to open your college. Further, make sure that you get this NOC renewed every year from the DoE. For this, you need to fill a mandatory application form and submit it along with a fee of Rs.10,000.
    • Once you have acquired the NOC, you may start searching for the land and a location appropriate for the establishment of your college. Generally, the DoE forwards a request to the land owing agencies of the state regarding the allotment of the land for building the college.
    • Once the land is allotted to you, you may start building the school infrastructure. Make sure that the land area is properly managed. The building should be constructed on one part of the land and a proper playground on the remaining part.
    • Now that the school building is ready, you need to get affiliation for your college from a recognized university. You are supposed to submit a duly filled application form to the concerned university. Besides this, you also need to pay a fixed amount to the university every year until the affiliation becomes permanent.
    • Further, you also need to get an approval of the courses offered by your college from the governing authority. For instance, the Medical Council of India (MCI) grants approval to the Medical College.
    • It is required of all the colleges that they follow the norms and standards set by the University Grants Commission (UGC). It creates a model syllabus to be followed in all the colleges. Besides this, the pay scale of the staff members is also decided by the UGC.
    • Last but not the least; you need to promote your college. So, for that, you need to plan effective marketing strategies. You may choose from various options available. For example; Television & newspaper ads, attractive hoardings/billboards, distributing flyers/pamphlets etc.

So, these simple guidelines will help you through the process of starting your own college. Further, you can take the help and support from your committee members. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one of the India’s fastest growing chain of schools which is famous for providing world class educational facilities. Besides this, it also provides fruitful and cost-effective franchise opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. So, to get associated with this leading brand, click here to fill the Franchise Application Form.


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Process of School Accreditation in India

The continuous growth of Indian education sector indicates that demand of quality schools is very high these days. The reason is, educated parents search for such schools which focuses on the overall development of their children and facilitate their learning with best of the amenities available in the school. Therefore, opening a school with good infrastructure is not enough and it is important to follow norms laid down by various education boards to make your school a known brand name in the education sector. Hence, affiliation and accreditation are two important key factors which ensure quality education in your school.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a process to maintain quality standards of education in schools. It evaluates school’s performance, facilities, resources, curriculum etc. to promote and maintain the growth rate of the school. It ensures that the school is being run according to the norms laid by education board, according to which affiliation has been provided to the school. Therefore, a quality inspection is done after a stipulated time to check whether a school is still being run according to pre-set educational goals or not.


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How to get accreditation for your school?

To maintain equal standards of quality education in all schools, government plays a big role as it has formed agencies which provide accreditation to the schools. Quality Council of India (QCI) and National Accreditation Board of Education & Training (NABET) are agencies in India which evaluates the schools and its educational standards and provides accreditation to the schools.

The basic process to get accreditation for your school is given below:

    • Fill the application form – The first step is to visit the accreditation agency and fill the application form available for the accreditation of the schools. Submit the application fee along with the essential documents of your school.
    • Prepare for inspection day – The accreditation agency decides a particular day of inspection and visits your school for evaluation. There are some set parameters like curriculum, infrastructure, facilities, safety measures etc., according to which the performance of the school is evaluated and a specific score is provided to the school.
    • Submit letter of compliance – After the school examination, the inspection team suggests improvements required in the school to match the educational standards of accreditation agency. For this, a letter of compliance has to be drafted agreeing upon the suggestions and submit it to the accreditation agency.
    • Do necessary improvements – Once the school finalizes the necessary changes for improvement, its performance is again reviewed by the inspection team. If the team is satisfied by the changes, it certifies accreditation to the school.
    • Renewal of accreditation – Accreditation is a timely inspection to maintain education standards and therefore, it is important to apply for its renewal after every four years to continue the accreditation.

The above procedure outlines important steps to follow while aspiring for accreditation to your schools. Hence, it is essential that you follow all the guidelines properly and plan your school accordingly. So, taking up a school franchise is a better option. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is a reputed brand name which offers full support and assistance. So, click to fill the Franchise Application Form and be a part of SHEMFORD – India’s fastest growing Chain of 10+2 Schools.


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