Starting a formal school in India involves huge investment of both money and manpower. You need to shell out money and spend it on the required facilities, recruitment, publicity, completion of the legal formalities etc. In the process, you should ensure that the money put into the project is spent appropriately. It is not merely about reaping profits out of the venture. You also need to reap social benefits as well, from the functioning of your school. Therefore, it is better to have a checklist of the things to do while starting a school and ensure that you do not commit the common mistakes done in the education industry.

Check how to avoid the top 5 common mistakes given below, if you want to start a school.

1. Starting Your School without a Business Plan

Starting your school without planning anything about the land, its location and its accessibility is the top common mistake you should avoid, if you want to start a school. K-12 schools in India should not be located in residential colony, as the government doesn’t permit the construction of educational institutions at residential colonies. In case the land you acquire is agricultural in nature, you need to get it converted into a commercial or an institutional land. All these factors should be included in the business plan of your 10+2 school, which is the first step to take while opening a formal school in India. You also need to have a plan while starting the construction of your school’s building.

2. Not Forming a Trust/Society

It should be remembered that schools in India are run by registered Trusts/Societies as non-profitable educational institutions. Therefore, you need to ensure that you do not start school without forming a Trust or a Society. Even if you form a Trust, not registering it will be a mistake, because K-12 schools in India need to be run by only registered Trusts or Societies.

3. Not Getting NOC from the Government

Not getting No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the government is a major mistake to avoid, if you want to start a school. This is because it may not be feasible to start the construction of your school without the respective state government’s sanction.

4. Not Affiliating Your School to a Recognized Board

The functioning of your 10+2 school may be adversely affected, if you do not affiliate your school to a recognized state Board or the CBSE. Even if you gain affiliation, not following the Board’s norms for the construction and facilities may affect its functioning.

5. Spending Too Much on Publicity

Spending too much on publicity can be both expensive and unproductive. You need to formulate an advertising or a marketing campaign that would cover the strategic locations where your school can get noticed and from where maximum queries for admissions can be generated. While launching your school, ensure that the necessary staff has been hired, because launching the school without hiring Principal or HM will send a bad notion about the casual attitude of your institution.

So, avoid the aforesaid top 5 mistakes before you start your school, so that your educational institution is administered smoothly. If you want to open a school, fill up the Franchise Application Form. Fill the Franchise Contact Form to get consultant’s advice.

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