The ultramodern age that we find ourselves in is characterized by sophistication and a brand new look. Even the popular redbrick schools have become outdated. Thanks to the architectural brilliance and the works of innovators, modern schools look a lot different than massive forts and stone towers.

Modern school architecture is one specialized area, which has been dominated by the influence of neoclassical designs and innovative ideas. In this text we are not to describe the new elements that are the highlights of our a la mode institutions, but to mention about the common errors made while building a school facility. These are enumerated below:

1. Space Allotment: Space is one thing that should never be comprised while drafting school architecture. There should be ample space for frequent movement of children, separate entries for boys and girls, space for convenient seating in the classrooms, proper height of the ceiling (neither too high nor too low), space for dais, platform, recreation rooms, corridors, etc. Avoid juxtaposing too many features.

2. Proper Lighting: Avoid bad lighting building plan and construction. The façade of the school must receive most of the natural light and there should be enough windows for proper illumination of the classrooms. Incase natural light is out of question, install tube lights and let the electric fittings be properly covered.

3. Proper Ventilation: The school facility should be properly ventilated. Avoid squeezing everything in a small space. Be generous in space allotment and install ventilation systems wherever required.

4. Bad Location: A part of the architecture stresses on the proper location of the school. Places that are noisy and close to the dust filled roads are some examples of bad locations.

5. Impressive facade: The look of the school must be impressive. Schools have been built to yield a classic look, one that is scholarly. However modern schools have been constructed and present the contemporary architectural designs and therefore the look. The most important part of the school facility is the façade. School façade must bear an impression on the mind and has to be designed properly. Avoid multi faceted buildings and stick to the idea of rectangular block.

These are some of the common errors of school architecture and design that needs to be rectified before starting the construction work.

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