6 Reasons that Attract Entrepreneurs to the Preschool Business


Every entrepreneur wants to start with a profit-generating and promising venture. One such enticing option to invest in is the education sector. It covers both profitability and risk aversion aspects of the business – which are two major concerns for any investor. But this sector is so huge in itself, that the question arises ‘where to start from?’. One such area that is thriving with opportunities is the preschool market.

The preschool business is gradually strengthening its roots in the Indian market. The reason is that parents are realising the importance of early education in the child’s overall growth and development. Another contributing factor is the minimal government involvement in this area which automatically enhances the enrollments in private schools.

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But the question arises how to start a preschool? There are two ways: either you can start your own business or go for franchising? The latter approach is more rational and less risky in nature. Here are some benefits that apparently show how profitable is the preschool franchise business.

Economically Viable Option

The capital investment involved here is relatively lower than any other business options. It involves a modest amount of funds in starting a preschool. It is a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs who either want to invest low or have limited funds.

Moreover, taking a franchise of a renowned brand will further reduce your start-up costs as the promotional and administrative cost is now shared with the franchisor.

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Less Financial Risk Involved

Preschool business is among the safest sectors to invest in. Here the financial risk involved is minimal as it is least affected by the fluctuations in the economic cycle ( like recession, depression etc). A  franchisee has even more benefits as the risk is significantly reduced further by working on the well-tested business model of a successful brand.

Easy to Set up

Setting up a preschool is comparatively easier than any other business. Anyone can simply start up a preschool, no prior experience or specified level of qualification is required. To be more precise, it is an untiring and uncomplicated process and when you are associated with a brand, it takes up most of your responsibilities and further ease the process for you.

Also, they provide you with support and assistance in initial set up, IT, marketing, recruitment, vendors, supplies and all other operational processes. Also, you can enjoy their goodwill which ensures your easy acceptability in the market. Another advantage that a franchisee has is the hassle-free clearing of legal formalities.

Noble profession

If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me.” said APJ Abdul Kalam. Teaching is one of the noblest professions we have. The sense of satisfaction and respect you feel is inexplicable.

By opening a preschool you become a part of children’s formative years. This gives you a positive experience of working with little angels and a sense of contribution to society. Franchising gives you a helping hand by making the process easy and convenient for you at every step.


Starting a preschool is a profitable venture as it offers high returns on low investment. It requires a minimal initial investment which will reap profits for the long term. Once the school becomes functional, it could generate revenues from admissions, monthly fees, summer camps, daycare facility, etc.

Taking a Franchise business has an upper hand in this case as the name of the brand and already established loyal customer base will fetch more business and customers to your school. Nowadays, parents generally have more faith in brands rather than any new entrant.

No stress of inventory

Starting any new business brings with itself the baggage of inventory, but this is not the case with preschool business. In this case, the entrepreneurs are free from the stress of inventory as they can order as per their requirements, the limited set of books and uniforms.

Also, if you are a part of a franchise network, you have an added advantage of economies of scale. Here, you can avail the discounts on inventory as the franchisor is likely to have established relationships with the vendors.

Opportunity for women entrepreneurs

Preschool business is a great opportunity for women who want to be independent and start their own business. This is one of the most convenient options for them as they can maintain their work-life balance. It’s never easy for a woman to manage both career and family. She is always left with limited time for one or another. But choosing a preschool business as her career can solve her problem to a great extent. So she can balance the two and devote her most of the time to her family. Franchising option can simplify things for her even more as most of the franchise options are nowadays turnkey in nature.

The education franchise business is rapidly gaining momentum in India in every sector but the education sector has proved to be the most promising. The advantages mentioned above has given you a clear picture, of how profitable a preschool franchise business can be.

Choosing a well-recognised and experienced partner is crucial to your success. SHEMROCK Preschools is one of the most prestigious and nationally acclaimed brands, which is serving the society for the last 30 years. It is one of the oldest franchise chains of 650 preschools, primary schools and 10+2 schools. If you also want to start a franchise, SHEMROCK should be your choice.

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