Accreditation Body For The Schools In India


So far the primary and secondary education institutes in India have strived to stay put to their own standards. Private schools and government-aided schools have set forth their own standards regarding school governance and therefore have remained away from a universal accreditation system. However, the foremost accreditation agency of India, Quality Council of India, has started approaching the schools to get accredited.

The board, called National Accreditation Board of Education and Training, has developed the procedures for schools that seek the accreditation. Schools have to apply for the accreditation process, which is followed by the inspections and assessment by a team of professionals from the agency.

Schools are supposed to be fully prepared for the inspections as the inspection team checks even minute details. In case the school or governance is found as non-standard the school is given suggestions to act upon. If the school succeeds in plugging the loopholes and provides the best practices, the school is awarded the accreditation.

Is School Accreditation Necessary?

School accreditation is not obligatory. But by getting accredited the schools can enhance and improve the quality governance and management in the school. The accreditation provides uniform standards and also helps in identifying well managed and provided schools in India. The system is based on similar pattern as those in US, Netherlands and Australia.

The agency has a checklist and awards score to the respective schools. Some important parameters in the checklist include:

Education Quality Management
Governance and Management
Resource Management
Education Service Realization

The school accreditation, once it is awarded is applicable for four years and after that renewal is sought by the agency.

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