Admissions and Child Distress


The race to colleges and universities has become fierce and students are facing tough times after qualifying their examinations. A comparison of the students pursuing higher education post liberation period shows that there has been an increase of over 25 times. The anxiety about making it to the best colleges and universities has adversely affected the behaviour of the students.

According to one report published in a major daily, the students in one of the popular metropolitan cities, Mumbai, are facing very hard situations as they fail to get enrolled in the junior colleges. Even students who have secured over 80 per cent do not stand a chance. It has been reported that a large number of students are now seeking the psychiatric help to get over the distress and anxiety.

The government has shown some interest and is working on a permanent solution. But that seems to take some time. The dearth of colleges and institutes can be one of the main reasons for the crisis. With enough junior colleges, students can at least join in one of them and not waste their time hoping endlessly.

The margin that determines as to who would be the lucky one, is very small and insignificant. Often it happens that some friends in any batch get through, leaving others desperate and frustrated.

Can establishment of large number of Colleges be of any help?

Most of the students and experts believe that it sure will make a difference, as students will get more avenues and places to join. However, some students disagree and are of the opinion that the real race is for the best colleges & best career options. They believe that the volume of the colleges offering professional courses and training be increased.

Students’ admission even after securing good marks is a great concern. Every individual must come forward and contribute to find a lasting solution.

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