AICTE Sends Reminder Regarding Excessive Intake Of Students


After approving the increase in student intake in the engineering colleges of Gujarat state, the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has sent a notice of excessive intake by the colleges. AICTE had earlier approved to increase the student count by 455 seats. The state colleges went ahead and increased the intake by 1,025 seats, an extra of 570 seats against the orders.

The council has not yet decided as what will happen to the candidates that have been admitted, in addition to the 455 seats, as was approved. The state colleges argue that they admitted the students only on reasons that the council will approve the request and put the number as 1,025.

AICTE, however, has stressed that the teacher-student ratio was high and under those circumstances the seats cannot be extended, more than what has been agreed and approved by the board. The board has said that there is a dearth of instructors and professors in the state and more students would bear the impact on the education and training.

The state directorate will pledge their case and everything has to be set right before the next academic session begins. In case of lapse, it would be very difficult for the students to obtain admissions in the same colleges. The state directorate has assured that the students won’t suffer unnecessarily.

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