Are Indian Students Passive Learners?


In a recent study of the Human Resource Development Ministry is to believed, most Indian students are passive learners, i.e. the learning style of a majority of Indian students is through inert mediums like listening to the teachers or taking dictations. The HRD report states that nearly 45 to 55 percent of the classroom time of such students is spent in passive learning. This further calculated into just 20 to 32 percent of classroom time of the students in active learning which is done through self-studying or by completing assignments.

The study was conducted across five states including Assam, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Orissa, among students of class II, IV and VI. In terms of state-wise segregation, the active learning time was lowest in states like Haryana and the highest in Orissa. It was noticed that most students approached mathematics by being more actively involved.

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