Are Indian Schools In Foreign Countries Performing Better?


Recently, there was a post on an online journal about CBSE affiliated school in gulf and various activities it was engaged in. For instance take the example of International Indian School Dammam.  The school is one of the popular institutions in Saudi Arabia. There are many other CBSE affiliated schools in Asia and gulf region.

A quick look at the curriculum and calender of these schools reveal that they have evolved into better institutions than the schools established in our own country. This may sound a concern to the educationists in the country. Our own experts at SHEMFORD have described many bottlenecks in the education system and particularly schools established in India.

Some of the points highlighted, which contribute in the under performance of our schools, have been given as:

  • Underdeveloped Infrastructure
  • Rigid and conventional methods of teaching
  • Deficient qualified staff
  • Primitive practices largely followed in schools
  • Inappropriate curriculum

A few of the institutions in India, mostly private, have made a great progress in the last one decade. These schools are in no way less famous than those established in other countries. The people responsible for their achievements have studied, selected and implemented the best practices in education known throughout the world. These are the schools much needed in India.

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