In the modern age, marked by developments in almost all human enterprises, the concept of school establishment offers more than a simple building or construction made on the land. Schools are designed by experts alone and according to particular norms and standards. The people or team responsible for the establishment look into nitty-gritty, so that students and the teachers are contained in the most conducive environs.

Every school has to have certain components essential for the functioning of the school. Some basic components of the school establishment are:

Academic Section or Block: This part contains the classrooms of the students. Classrooms are designed in a fashion that they meet the requirements like proper lighting, ventilation, security standards, etc. There are terraced classrooms, which have a gradual incline so that students sitting at the back of the classroom are also physically visible to the teacher. Modern classrooms have installed components for air ventilation, temperature control and fire alarm systems.

Administration Block: This section is for the administrative staff, teachers, school principal and other staff. The office sections for accounts and admissions are also contained in this section.

Activity Rooms: These are included in the academic section. For activities like painting, drama, music, etc., are practiced in activity rooms.

Library: Library is an important part of the school. Library is located in that part of the campus that is quiet and serene.

Science Labs: In secondary and senior secondary schools, science labs are established where students conduct their experiments as provided in the curriculum. These labs are located close to the classrooms of the secondary and senior secondary students wing.

Auditorium: An auditorium or hall is an important component of the establishment. The auditorium must have sitting capacity to accommodate at least 35 per cent of the total school strength. Audio-video equipments, projector and screens are important requirements.

Gymnasium: Modern schools have well-established infrastructure for physical education. Gymnasium halls are must and provided in the schools.

Swimming Pools: Swimming pool is a great recreation to the students. Besides that it also helps in healthy development of the body. However, adequate safety measures have to be implemented.

School Garden: A part of the land is developed in school garden and is particularly built to get the students habituated with eco-friendly environment.

Playground: A larger portion of the land is developed into playground. There is no standard as the minimum or maximum area required. But the playground must be large enough to accommodate the children during recesses.

Toilets and lavatories: Toilets are generally constructed in the area, which can be easily accessed. Lavatories on the other hand are contained in areas that do not create any nuisance to the students.

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