Establishing a school in India is a very tedious and complex procedure. Despite this, a lot of investors have shown a keen interest in starting their own school. This is because investing in a school is profitable and involves only one-time investment. Also, due to the increasing demand for standard education, many schools have adapted to the concept of franchising. Franchising is a win-win situation for both franchisor and franchisee, wherein a franchisee is allowed to use the brand name and business concept of an established school. Moreover, taking up a school franchise is a wise decision because, as a franchisee you can reap maximum profits with minimum inputs. Hence, it is advisable to own a franchise, instead of starting a school on your own.

Below mentioned are the benefits of owning a 10+2 school franchise:

Low Initial Investment
The most important benefit that a franchisee reaps is the low cost of initial investment. This is due to the reduction of costs and savings made in promoting and administering the school. After paying the requisite amount of franchise fee to the franchisor, a franchisee can own the school franchise.

Brand Recognition
Also, by getting associated to a well-established brand, a franchisee reaps the benefit of easy acceptability in the market. Further, this relieves the franchisee from the tedious process of promoting and building a brand image in the eyes of the prospective parents.

Curriculum and Programme Content
Also, the franchisee receives guidance from the franchisor, in developing the curriculum and designing the programme content for the school. Furthermore, a proper training is given to the academic department on how to make learning more interesting, engaging and motivating for the students.

Simple Process
Also, a franchisee is relieved from the complex procedure of setting up a school on his own. Thus, a franchisee does not have to fulfill any legal formalities such as obtaining licenses and liaising with the Government agencies etc., on his own.

Franchisor’s Support
Apart from this, the franchisee is offered continuous guidance and assistance from the franchisor in terms of training and ongoing support at every step and thereafter as well. Moreover, with the guidance and support rendered by the franchisor, the school franchise becomes competent enough to conduct its own set of operations.

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