Franchising is the process wherein an established brand allows another prospective investor to use its name to conduct its operations. Franchising is a very useful mode of business expansion and offers an opportunity to the aspiring investors to start a business with minimum investment and least risk involved. In India, there are numerous business franchise opportunities in different sectors such as IT sector, food & beverage, tourism, retail, health care and education sector. However, education is a flourishing sector that remains unaffected by the changes in the economic cycle. Hence, it is known as the recession-free sector. Moreover, school franchising in India has gained a lot of importance. The reason behind a boom in this sector is the need for standardized educational institutes that offer quality education.

Undoubtedly, there are more benefits of taking a franchise rather than starting an independent business. The benefits of a franchise school are listed as follows:

Brand Recognition – To work under the name of an established brand will fetch you profits in the form of easy acceptability and long-term profits.
Lower Financial Risk – As compared to other business ventures, school franchisee will incur less financial risk. Moreover, association with an established brand name will reduce the initial setup, promotional and administrative costs. This will further ensure higher profit margins to the franchisee.

Strategic Advantages – Franchising benefits the franchisee with a proven and accepted code of conduct and with a successful operational track record that the franchisor holds. Again, there is low risk involved as the systems and procedures are tried and tested.

Curriculum Development – Apart from the aforesaid advantages, the franchisor helps the franchisee to develop the curriculum and design the programme content as well.

Training and Support – Further, the franchising will benefit the franchisee with continued training and support. This includes initial training, ongoing support and the continued development of the products or services. With the guidance and support rendered by the franchisor, the school franchise will become competent enough to conduct its own set of operations.

So, these are a few prominent benefits that a franchisee can gain after taking up a school franchise. Therefore, owning a school franchise is surely a fruitful and lucrative idea. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools runs a leading chain of schools across the world. SHEMFORD offers guidance and helps to all the prospective investors in terms of personalised support, trained and competent professional and technical expertise. SHEMFORD is synonymous with excellence and association with this brand will reap you profits in years to come. So, hurry do not loose time. Fill this Franchise Application Form given below and be a proud member of the SHEMFORD chain of schools.

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