An interested individual or group may have a word with the business development team or go through the literature forwarded to him, but still some questions linger around in his mind – What benefits do I get as a franchisee and are they worth the investments I make.

The professional at the other end of the telephone line may sound coaxing and moot a number of things which might sound new to the interested person. Therefore, it is either a “Yes” in haste or a big “No” in confusion.

A franchisee has to get benefits and the ones, which can be concretely described and determined. Following are some of the benefits that franchisee enjoys after signing up the deal:

As all of us know that it takes a lot of time to get branded and after tedious promotion and brand building exercises only; the franchisee enjoys the same from day one. The school of the franchisee is branded as one of the branches of the franchising school.

Franchisors Support:
The franchisor provides assistance and support to the franchisee, which varies from franchisor to franchisor. Generally the franchisor provides support as in design, training and the operations.

Before enrolling the students and starting the operations, school franchisor gives the franchisee training about daily tasks, administration, proper running of the school and also on hiring and recruiting the staff.

Franchisors often run extensive promotion programmes and are fully aware as how to promote using different media channels and promotion tools. The franchisors may also be responsible for carrying out a detailed promotion programme for the franchisee.

Curriculum and Programme Content:
Franchisors also help in developing the curriculum for particular educational programmes that are offered by the franchisee.

These are some of the major benefits that a school franchisee gets from the franchisor.

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