Affiliation implies getting formally associated to a company or an organisation. It is just like a partnership which is based on some support services and benefits that the affiliating board offers to the affiliated school. The affiliating board provides a number of benefits to the affiliated schools. However, there are proper laws that regulate the terms and conditions for affiliated schools. In India, CBSE, ICSE and State boards are the prominent school affiliation institutions. Seeking affiliation implies that a school will adhere to the norms and guidelines laid down by the board to which it seeks affiliation to. However, it has become imperative for every school to seek affiliation to one of the recognized board of education, as it determines the standard of education in India.

Listed below are a few benefits of affiliated schools:


The first and the most important benefit of affiliated schools is the recognition it holds under an educational board. In India, the schools affiliated to CBSE and ICSE Boards of Education are counted amongst the most preferred and reputed schools.

Curriculum Support

Another important benefit that every affiliated school reaps is the curriculum support offered by the affiliating institution. Amongst the three boards of education, CBSE is the apex board of education that provides the schools with a curriculum that is easy to comprehend. Moreover, a well-developed curriculum benefits the students in the long-run.

Brand Value

Also, by getting affiliated to a recognized board of education, the schools become a brand in themselves. This is because of the popularity and recognition that an education board holds. Further, every school benefits from the support and guidance that a board offers. In India, all the affiliated schools to CBSE and ICSE are counted amongst the premier schools.

Schools prefer to get affiliated because of the high standards for quality education supported by the board. Hence, to be able to get listed amongst the most reputed and preferred schools, every school should seek affiliation to one of the education boards. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a well-established name in the education sector that offers both CBSE and ICSE curriculum. SHEMFORD is chain of formal 10+2 schools that offers lucrative franchise opportunities to all those who wish to make a mark in the sector. So, if you want to reap maximum profits with minimum inputs, it is advised to take a SHEMFORD franchise.

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