Benefits Of Starting A School


Non-cyclical sector: Being a necessity of life, the education industry has little fluctuations in its operations; therefore, it is not affected by downturns in the economy. For example, people will stop eating out but will not compromise on the quality of their child’s education, in case of a financial crunch.

Rapid growth: With increasing awareness of the importance of education, people are willing to pay more for quality education and this trend will get stronger as the service economy grows.

No bad debts: There is no threat of bad debts as no credit is given in this sector and all fees are received in advance.

Low operational costs: Most of the costs are variable costs. Hence, in the first few months you are not burdened with high costs like salaries. These go up as the number of children in the branch increase.

Immense satisfaction: More than the monetary returns, it is the sense of satisfaction that you have made a difference to the lives of so many children! It is a great feeling when parents come to thank you for the impact you have made in their child’s life.

Convenient working hours: The operational hours are from 8:00-2:30, thereby, giving you ample time to be with your family and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Positive environment: In education, everyone is addresses by “ma’am and sir” which is a positive and safe environment, especially for women. Unlike some other sector where you encounter all kinds of people; some of them may not be the most pleasant.

Respect in the community: One gets a lot of respect in the community, for the role one plays in the development of the children and for the contribution one makes to the society.

4 Replies to “Benefits Of Starting A School”

  1. According to me the best benefit about starting a school is the inner satisfaction of doing something good. School is a wonderful place and we all owe so much to school. Given a chance I would love to do it because it feels good to educate children.

  2. Yes, the sense of satisfaction and recognition in society are some prime motivational factors of being an educationist.

  3. To spread education is a divine thing to do. But one must be practical. If school allows us to earn monetary benefits we should consider them.

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