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Bhaiya Dooj 


A lot of Hindu festivals and rituals lay strong emphasis on the significance of relationships and family bondings. Although every relationship is precious, however, the bond that a brother shares with his sister is quite unique. In fact, it is a priceless relationship that reflects the bond of love, care and empathy. One of the festivals which celebrates this special bond is Bhaiya Dooj.

There is a story behind celebrating this festival. According to the ancient mythologies, Lord Yamraj visited his sister, Yamuna, on the “Shukla Paksha Dwitiya” day which falls in the month of Kartik as per the Hindu calendar. She welcomed him by performing the holy ‘aarti’ and applying ‘tilak’ on his forehead. Along with that, she offered delicious sweets and the dishes she had prepared for him. After consuming the dishes, Lord Yamraj showered his blessings on Yamuna and gave her a boon that if any brother visits his sister on this day, then he would be blessed with health and wealth. Due to this reason, this day is also known as “Yam-Dwitiya”. Since then, it became a tradition that every sister will apply tilak on her brother’s forehead and in return, brothers will offer gifts to their sisters.

Traditional Celebrations

Bhaiya Dooj is celebrated primarily in Northern India and on this day, sisters pray for the prosperity and well-being of their brothers. The rituals performed on this day include sisters performing the aarti and applying tilak on their brother’s forehead. In return, brothers shower their blessings and offer gifts to their sisters as a token of love. The rituals differ in the states of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Punjab. But no matter how Bhaiya Dooj is celebrated, it is the spirit of love and togetherness that makes this an important festival.

How to celebrate Bhaiya Dooj at home?

    • To get the real feel of the festive occasion, dress up in new traditional clothes. To further make your clothes go in sync with your sibling’s; you may opt for the same shade or colour for your outfit.
    • You can prepare handmade cards for your brother and present it to him.
    • To make the occasion more memorable, customised gifts are a great option. Like- a coffee mug with both your and your sibling’s photograph and a photo book that incorporates the best photographs along with some beautiful text.

So, celebrate the bond of togetherness with your brother and make this day memorable for him.

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