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Amazing Facts For Famous People Born on 1st December


Mohammad Kaif

Born: 1 December 1980 (Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh)

Bio: Mohhamad Kaif is an Indian cricketer, who is proficient with his middle order right hand batting and has many records to his name.


  1. His father Mohhamad Tarif was also a cricketer and used to play for Railways and Uttar Pradesh.Mohammad Kaif
  2. Also his brother Mohammad Saif is a cricketer and plays for Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.
  3. Even his young son is incline dtowards the sport and goes to his morning practice sessions.
  4. He has been deemed as one of the best fielders Indian cricket has ever witnessed.
    1. He He entered politics this year and contested in Lok Sabha Elections 2014 from Congress Party.

 Marrie Tussaud

Born: 1 December 1761 (Strusbourg, France)

Bio: Marrie Taussad was a great French wax sculptor, who was also involved in French Revolution and later founded the world famous Madame Tussaud’s Museum in London.


  1. Her mother used to work for a wax sculptor, Phillipe Curtis and it was him who taught little e Marrie the art of was modelling.
  2. Her initial creations included wax sculptures of Voltaire, a famous French writer, philosopher and Benjamin Franklin, who was a popular author, politician and first US Ambassador to France.Marrie Tussaud
  3. She was hired in the French Revolution to create death masks for the revolution victims.
  4. In 1842, she made a portrait of herself which today welcomes the visitors in her London Museum.
  5. She wasn’t given full fare for the very first exhibit of her wax sculptures collection in London while today Madame Tussaud’s Museums are one of the world’s wealthiest institutions both artistically and financially.