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Famous Birthdays on 12th December


Born on: 12th December

Famous For: Cricket

  1. Yuvi was not interested in becoming a cricketer. As a child he practiced sports like tennis, football and skating. He has even won a Gold for the country in the Under-14 Skating Championship.
  2. He has featured in a Punjabi movie and has done a voice over in a Bollywood animated movie
  3. He was signed by Microsoft as a brand ambassador when the Xbox 360 video game console was launched in India in 2006
  4. Yuvraj has started an organization “YouWeCan” to help and treat cancer patients
  5. His father Mr. Yograj Singh is a former Indian fast bowler and a Punjabi movie actor



Born on: 12th December, 1881

Known For: Founder of Warner Bros.

  1. His first business was a bicycle shop in 1899
  2. He founded the Warner Bros. Pictures with his three brothers Albert, Sam and Jack.
  3. He was the President of Warner Bros. Pictures until two years before his death. His share was secretly bought by his brother Jack, after which Harry never spoke to Jack again
  4. His given name was Hirsch Moses Wonsal.
  5. For his contributions to the motion picture industry, Harry Warner has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at Hollywood Boulevard. The stars are permanent public monuments honouring the achievements in the entertainment industry.