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Amazing Facts For Famous People Born On 3rd December

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Born: 3 December 1884 (Zaradei, Bihar)

Bio: Rajendra Prasad was the first President of free India. He also very actively led the freedom struggle and gave the slogan of ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’.


  1. Like Gandhiji, he was also a lawyer and was hired by him to handle the case of the peasants of Dr. Rajendra PrasadChamaparan, Bihar in the Indigo Plantation conflict with the British.
  2. It was his hard work and dedicated attempts that established Hindi as our national language.
  3. He also served as the president of Constituent assembly of India and supervised the preparation of the constitution.
  4. He has been the only president to have been elected into the office twice.
  5. He was one of the brightest science students and once an examiner wrote a comment on his answer sheet saying ‘the examinee is better than the examiner’.

David Villa


Born: 3 December 1981 (Tuilla, Spain)

Bio: David Villa is a Spanish star football player, who having scored numerous goals for his national team has become a popular sports icon in the country.


  1. When Villa was four years of age, he was very severely injured and suffered a fracture to the femur in his right leg, spoiling his any chances of ever becoming a footballer. Yet he recovered fully and chose football as his career.David Villa
  2. While recovering from the injury Villa had to wear a cast in his leg for 6 months. All this while, his father used to still practiced football with him forcing him to use only his left leg.
  3. Though he plays as a striker, he can also play very well as an attacking midfielder.
  4. He is the topmost goal scorer of Spain of all times having scored maximum goals in the World cups and is the first Spanish player ever to reach 50 international goals.
  5.  He once admitted that at the age of 14, he considered giving up his football career because of failing his coach and getting delusional.
  6. His teammates also call him El Guaje’ which means ‘the Kid’ or ‘Villa Maravilla’ which means ‘the Wonder’. 
  7. His wife Patricia Gonzalez was also a footballer in her teenage.
  8. He has named her daughter Olaya after his best friend Fernando Torres’s wife.
  9. He is very actively participates in charity events and even organizes a camp for imparting football training to talented children each year.
  10. He even sang once in an album collaborating with Spanish singer Ana Torroja for the song ‘Insurrection’ which was actually made for raising funds for making a school.
Khudiram Bose

Born: 3 December 1889 (Habibpur, Bengal)

Bio: Khudiram Bose was a freedom struggler who joined the revolutionary party Jugantar and was actively involved in planning and executing plots to throw out the British Raj out of the country..


  1. He was one of the youngest freedom fighters who participated in the Indian national freedom struggle.
  2. He was the first martyr of the early twentieth century.Khudiram Bose
  3. Following a myth to avoid his death in early age like his two elder brothers, his mother sold him to his eldest sister for a ‘Khud’- a measure of food grain and thus the name.
  4. He entered the freedom movement when he was only a teenager.
  5. He was among the freedom struggle heroes to kick start the ‘Agni Yuga’ or the ‘Fiery Age’ of revolutionists.

Born: 3 December 1976 (East London, South Africa)

Bio: Mark Boucher is a South African cricketer who plays for the international team as a right-handed and batsman and a Wicket keeper.


  1. He has been called one of the greatest wicket keepers of South Africa and holds the record of most dismissals by a wicket keeper in international Test Cricket.Mark Boucher
  2.  He has appeared in more than half of the ODI matches played by the team South Africa that is 290 of total 497.
  3. Out of these 290, he has played 120 consecutive matches for his team without a break and holds a record for being 3rd SouthAfrican player in doing so.
  4. Although a Wicket Keepr he was once made to bowl in an ODi against West Indies, in the match he bowled only 1.2 overs and got the wicket of Dwayne Bravo.
  5. He suffered a severe left eye injury by a ball bowled by Imran Tahir and had to retire from cricket.

Mithali Raj

Born: 3 December 1982 (Jodhpur, Rajasthan)

Bio: Mithali Raj is the captain of Indian Women’s International cricket team and is known for her some of her high performances for the team in many tournaments.


  1. Only at an age of 10, she had started playing cricket.   Mithali Raj
  2. She has also received professional training in Bharat Natyam in her childhood and has even given several stage performances.
  3. She has the record of scoring the highest runs by any Indian Woman cricketer in a world cup match.
  4. She scored a century in her debut One Day International match against Ireland at the age of 17.
  5. She presently the World number 1 batswoman in One Day International Cricket.