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Dealing with Peer Pressure: Tips and Tricks

Peer pressure in simple terms refers to the stress caused by the people around you that belong to your age group. It is something that every human being has to deal with at one point of time or the other. Usually, an individual tends to face peer pressure during the

Types of School Franchises Available in India

Education is a growing sector which provides the aspiring edupreneurs with prospective business opportunities, to enter into the education industry. Today, the high demand for quality education in India has made school franchises one of the most lucrative business options available. The business of franchising, especially the school franchises, are

How to Buy a School Franchise

In India, the lack of quality education at the elementary level has led to the growth of the private schooling sector in India. Moreover, today, parents also prefer to send their children to private schools that are well-established and are capable of providing world-class schooling experience to their children. As

Shemford Circular – All you need to know about the “Swine Flu”

All you need to know about the ‘Swine Flu’ Dear Parents, It’s that time of the year when most of the children tend to catch common Flu. However, in the current scenario there may be slight chances that it may be the ‘Swine Flu’ that the child may be suffering from.  At