Norms for ICSE School Affiliation

The private, non-governmental institution, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) conducts three types of examinations, one of which is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), exams for class 10. The governing body for ICSE was established by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate in 1958.

The ICSE board provides examinations of general education through medium of English and the standard of examination is a course of 10 years duration, i.e. classes I to X.

In case you are seeking affiliation from the ICSE board, you can opt for either provisional or permanent affiliation as per your requirements. However, your school needs to fulfill certain conditions as per the guidelines of the council, in order to get the affiliation.

Conditions to get provisional affiliation are:


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    • The school must obtain a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Government.
    • The governing body of the school must be registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act,1860 to prove its non-profit motive.
    • The medium of instruction in your school must be English as ICSE grants affiliation only to the English medium schools.
    • The land area for senior secondary schools must not be less than 4,000 and for secondary schools it should be approximately 2,000, with a suitable building constructed on one part of the land and a proper playground on the remaining part.
    • The school must have a well-equipped library with a minimum of 2,500 books.
    • There must be separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, each equipped with all the necessary apparatus & equipment.
    • The school must appoint the teachers in accordance with the minimum qualifications laid down by the council.
    • The pay scale and other allowances must not be less than those of other schools in the state and employees must be entitled to other benefits like provident fund, medical, gratuity etc.
    • The fee charged by the school should be equivalent to the facilities provided by the school.
    • The schools must not accept donations or capitation fees for the purpose of admissions of students.
    • The school must maintain a proper record of the attendance of the students and this record must be signed by the principal.

Conditions to get permanent affiliation are:

    • The school must successfully fulfill all the undertakings given to council at the time of provisional affiliation.
    • The school must be ready for a special inspection arranged by the chief executive, who will further make a recommendation for the permanent affiliation to the executive committee of the council.

Only after the approval of the executive committee, you will be granted permanent affiliation by the chief executive.

So, these are certain conditions that the school needs to fulfill to be able to get the affiliation from the board. Affiliation not only provides quality education for your school but also defines the standard of education in India.

However, merely getting ICSE affiliation is not enough to run a school. To become the most preferred school in the society, you need to maintain the quality of education by continuously exploring the resources of teaching methods and learning environment.

We, at SHEMFORD have been successful in upgrading the education standards, not just in India but also abroad. SHEMFORD – country’s leading Senior Secondary Chain of Schools is affiliated with ICSE board. So, it is advised to go for the SHEMFORD franchise instead of opening your own school.


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Norms for CBSE School Affiliation

A school is an educational institution that provides the appropriate platform for further studies. Seeking affiliation from a recognized board of education becomes the primary objective while you think of setting up a formal school. In India, there are various boards of education such as CBSE, ICSE, State Boards etc. that lay down the guidelines on how to operate or run a school. Amongst the aforesaid names, the CBSE board is the most popular and preferred board of education in India. Various norms laid down by the CBSE to seek its affiliation are as follows:


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  1. Types of schools that are eligible to seek affiliation with the CBSE are –
    • Government or Government aided schools;
    • Schools run by autonomous organizations under the Government like Kendriya
      Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS), Central Tibetan Schools
      Organisation (CTSO), Sainik Schools Society etc.;
    • Schools run by Government Departments directly like defence, railways etc.
    • Schools managed directly by Public Sector Undertakings(PSU’s) or by reputed societies for
      PSU’s under the financial control of such PSU’s or by Societies formed by such undertakings.
    • Private, unaided schools established by Societies registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 of the Government of India or under Acts of the State Governments as educational, charitable or religious societies having non-proprietary character or by Trusts.
  2. Kinds of Affiliation granted by CBSE
    Affiliation through CBSE can be categorized into three types, depending upon the time period involved. They are provisional (for a period of 3 years subject to fulfillment of the norms), regular (just one time if the school satisfies the fulfillment of the norms) and permanent (to those schools which have been provisionally affiliated for a period of 10 years or more).
  3. Norms regarding the Society or Trust running the school
    The Society/Trust so formed should be registered and non-proprietary in nature. Formation of the society or trust should also conform to the rules laid down by the State government where the school is located.
  4. School Managing Committee
    Every affiliated school except schools run directly by the Education Department of the Government of the State/ U.T., should have a management committee approved by the Board.
  5. Financial Resources
    The school should possess sufficient finance to ensure smooth functioning and for stability in the long run. It should have a permanent source of income for the running expenses. Also, no part of the income from the institution should be utilised by the Society/ Trust or the management committee or any other individual for any purpose.
  6. Infrastructural Facilities
    The school should possess basic necessities like spacious classrooms with suitable furniture, hygienic sanitation facilities, a playground for physical activities and sports, a library with sufficient reading material, computer rooms, science laboratories etc. Apart from these, a school should also have a medical room to safeguard student’s health.
  7. Staff and Service Conditions
    Also, the school should have adequate teaching staff that should possess the necessary qualifications laid down for various posts by the Board. Try to ensure that the student teacher ratio should not exceed 30. In addition to this, the school should have well defined conditions of service as per the norms of the State/U.T. Government and should issue letters of appointment to the employees at the time of joining service and should also sign a contract of service.
  8. Fee Structure
    Fees should normally be charged under the heads prescribed by the Department of Education of the State/U.T. for schools of different categories according to the facilities provided by the institution. Acts of attaining voluntary donations for gaining admission in the school or for any other purpose should be discouraged. In case of such malpractices, the Board may take drastic action leading to disaffiliation of the school.
  9. Admission of Students
    Admission in schools affiliated to the CBSE will be made without any distinction of religion, caste, creed etc. The admissions regarding SC/ST/OBC students shall vary according to the location of the school.

Board reserves the right to inspect the school premises any time without prior intimation. The school seeking CBSE affiliation should furnish unaltered facts and figures failure to which will lead to strict action against that institution. But, there is one name in the education sector that is SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools that abides by the Board’s guidelines. So, join SHEMFORD Group of Schools– a leading chain of 10+2 schools in India which is affiliated to CBSE board and completely adheres to the prescribed norms to ensure smooth functioning in the organisation.


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How to Start Education Business?

Education sector of an economy not only provides education to its human resource but is also a source of employment for a large number of people. Moreover, it helps in overall progress of the nation. In a country, with population of over 1.2 billion, there is an unending demand for better and efficient education institutions. Hence, this segment offers innumerable options for business opportunities. Also, starting own educational institution is not only a profitable venture but also gives you a wonderful opportunity to grow. So, many entrepreneurs are showing interest to invest in this booming sector if you want to start education business, go through the step-by-step procedure given below:

Identify your niche: Firstly, you need to conduct a thorough research to identify the need of the local market, whether there is a demand for preschool, private school/college or a tutorial service.


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Create a business plan: Once you have decided the kind of educational institution you want to open, the next step is to create a business plan. This plan should include an estimate of your capital investment, expenses, marketing strategies, infrastructural cost, number of educators, number of students you wish to admit, fee structure and all the other necessary details. Further, you need to submit this business plan at the time of applying for loan to start your institution.

Form a trust: Since most of the education institutions in India are run for non-profitable purposes, so you need to form a registered Trust and submit the Trust Deed at the time of its registration.

Select a location: Next, you need to choose a location which is suitable for your educational institution. Keep in mind that the location should be easily accessible and must have lush green surroundings.

Purchase a land: Land is another pre-requisite for opening any educational institution. The land can be leased or it can be your personal property. The area requirement depends on the kind of educational institute you wish to open. For instance, the minimum requirement for opening a preschool is 2,000 sq. ft. and a senior secondary school is 2 acres of land.

Obtain permissions: Now, before beginning with the construction of your institute, you need to obtain the necessary licenses and permissions. Firstly, you need to secure the NOC (No-Objection Certificate) from the State Government. In case you are opening a school, you need to gain affiliation from a recognized board such as CBSE or ICSE and in case of a college, you need recognition from bodies such as MCI (for medical college), AICTE (for engineering college) etc.

Begin construction: After acquiring all the necessary licenses, you can start with the construction of the building followed by white washing, wood work and finishing work. Ensure that the empty space is structured into spacious and well-ventilated rooms as per the requirements of your educational institution.

Buy equipment: Further, you need to equip your school/college with all the necessary supplies. In case you are opening a preschool, make sure that the furniture and equipment you buy are non-toxic and safe for children. In case of a senior secondary school or a college, you need to purchase necessary apparatus for labs, equipment for sports and other curricular activities.

Hire staff: Next, you need to hire qualified professionals to provide educational service in your institution. In addition to that, you also need to recruit non-teaching staff such as staff for administration and accounts department.

Advertise your education business: Now that your educational institution is ready for operations, you need to officially launch your education institution in order to attract potential clients. You may advertise your institution through TV channels, newspapers, billboards etc. You can also approach various networking groups who can help you to plan effective marketing of your education business.

By systematically following this procedure, you can start your own education institution easily. However, the idea of buying a school franchise of a reputed brand is much better than going through the tedious process of starting education business on your own. SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of Schools provide fruitful franchise options. So, if you too aspire to enter the education business, fill the Franchise Application Form.


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How to Start a School in India

In order to start a school in India, the following steps should be taken care of.

      • At first, conduct a market research to identify the demand for a school in a particular zone and to determine which type of school is in need.
      • Next, form an association under the Societies Registration Act. Include members who hold a strong background in the education field and are financially sound.
      • Further, decide upon the budget that you are willing to invest in your venture. However, before deciding the budget, keep in mind that this budget may vary in accordance with various factors like location, type of school, land area etc. The investment can either be shared among the members of the association or borrowed from the banks/financial institutions.


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    • Next, look for a non-agricultural land which has the right kind of ambience and pollution-free surroundings. This land can either be your own property or leased with a rental agreement of minimum 30 years. Another way is to get the land from the land owing agency of the state. However, in both the cases you are required to obtain permission from the DoE.
    • So, the next step is to get the NOC from the DoE. Along with this, obtain the Letter of Intent (LoI) from the DoE, in case you are buying land from the land owing agency.
    • After acquiring the land, start with the construction. For this purpose, hire an architect and a contractor to speed up the construction process. Apart from the school building, make sure to include a proper playground and an auditorium. You may also include a swimming pool, if your budget allows.
    • Once the construction is complete, apply for recognition from the Municipal Corporation to start your school up to 5th standard. In case you are starting a school up till 9th standard, seek recognition from the Department of Education. However, for higher standards,the recognition is granted by DoE but only after a gap of 2 years.
    • Next, seek affiliation to CBSE, CICSE or the respective state board. Remember that, after getting affiliated, your school is expected to follow the affiliation bye-laws of the respective board.
    • Further, attain the certificates for hygiene, water and certificate of completion from the state’s municipality.
    • After acquiring the certificates, start the recruitment process. Conduct interviews or consult a recruitment agency that will help you to hire potential candidates for your school.
    • Lastly, adopt extensive marketing strategies to promote and advertise your school in your community. Organize events such as book fair, parents’ workshops etc. and invite all the neighbourhood parents and students. This way they will get to know about the services offered by your school and would bring in more admission queries.

So, this is the basic procedure that you need to follow in order to start a school anywhere in India. However, you need to have fair knowledge and know-how about the basic structure and functioning of a school. In case you are a beginner and feel inexperienced, join hands with the leading brand, SHEMFORD which aims at providing successful franchise to people who have good knowledge about the school systems. so, hurry and click here to fill the Franchise Application Form.


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How to Start a New School | Steps to Start a New School

School education plays an indispensable role in every student’s life. School is one educational institution that lays strong foundation for the holistic growth of every student. Even though establishing a school is a challenging task, many businesspersons wish to invest in this sector. Investment in this sector not only brings profit, but also helps you earn respect in the society.  In case you are interested to start a school, go through the easy steps mentioned below:


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How to start a new school?

    • Investment
      If you wish to start a school, the first and foremost step to be considered is to decide upon the capital to be invested. For a formal school, the amount ranges between Rs. 1-2 crores. Since it is a hefty amount, you can approach banks and financial institutions for the loans.
    • Form a Society/Trust
      The next step is to form a society/trust of educated and influential individuals. Ensure that you get the society/trust registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and Indian Trust Act,1882, respectively.
    • Suitable Location
      Next, you need to look for a location to start your school. Preferably, consider a residential area as it will ensure easy transport accessibility and will offer a peaceful environment, feasible for the students to learn.
    • Area
      Once you have finalized the location, the next step is to determine the area required to establish your school. The land required for starting a school should be at least 1-2 acres. This dimension would be sufficient to accommodate the school building and a playground as well.
    • Obtain NOC
      After you have selected the land, obtain the Essentiality Certificate i.e. NOC from the Department of Education (DoE). This will ensure official possession of the land.
    • Construction
      Once you obtain the sanction from the DoE, the next step is to start the construction of your school building. You can develop a blueprint beforehand that would define the infrastructural dimensions of the classrooms, playground, activity rooms etc.
    • Recruitment
      Now that the construction process is over and your school is completely furnished, you can begin with the recruitment process. Appoint qualified and well trained teaching and non-teaching staff for your school.
    • Marketing
      When the hiring procedure is over, you have to advertise your school to make your brand known. You can promote your school using print and electronic media such as via flyers, pamphlets, a feature story of the newly open school in the daily newspaper, T.V. advertisements etc.

The aforesaid steps provide you with an overview of the procedure on how to start a school. However, many schools offer franchise opportunities to expand their brand in the market. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a renowned brand in the education industry. SHEMFORD has over 50+ branches in India and Abroad and offers the best franchise benefits to the aspiring investors. Association with SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools will give you an opportunity to learn and excel in this recession free sector. After completing a few formalities, you can reap the benefits as a SHEMFORD franchisee. Click Here to fill the Franchise Application Form .


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How to Set up a School | Procedure to Set up a School

Schools are considered to be an important segment of the education sector. The idea of setting up a new school seems to be exciting but the entire procedure to set up a school is very complex and consumes a lot of time. However, there is a huge business opportunity in this segment because of the unending demand for more schools. So, many entrepreneurs are entering into the education sector to set up their own schools. If you too want to set up your own school, then you need to do the following:


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    • Registration of the school’s governing entity as a Society under the Society Registration Act,1860 to declare the non-proprietary motive of the venture.
    • Formation of a comprehensive business plan highlighting the capital investment, land requirements, basic infrastructural requirements, facilities, promotional activities etc.
    • Arrangement of the investment either from the banks/financial institutions or private money lenders.
    • Attainment of NOC and letter of sponsorship from the department of education to certify the requirement of your school in a particular zone.
    • Forwarding the letter of sponsorship to the land owing agency to buy the land at subsidized rate.
    • Constructing the school building and incorporating all the basic requirements and facilities like purchasing furniture, equipment for extra-curricular activities, instruments for labs, study material and books for library, sufficient computers for computer lab, teaching equipment etc.
    • Acquiring other important certificates and permits from health department, water department, fire department etc.
    • Securing recognition and affiliation from Municipal Corporation and State Board, respectively.
    • Recruiting qualified teachers and experienced staff to sustain excellent system of education and smooth functioning of school.
    • Promoting the school to create awareness in the community and spread a positive word of mouth by advertising and organizing events.

So, these are some of the essentials that you need to take care of while setting up a school. However, it is very expensive to set up a school on your own as the expenses involved in promotion and advertising is very high. So, taking up a school franchise is a better option. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is a reputed brand name which offers full support and assistance. So, fill the franchise application form and be a part of SHEMFORD – India’s fastest growing Chain of Schools.


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Procedure to Open a School | Steps to Open a School

Procedure to Open a School

In India, due to the continuous demand and increase in awareness of quality schools, many individuals are opting for a school business. Establishing a school has turned out to be the most profitable and lucrative venture because education is a recession-free sector. Moreover, it is a noble profession that provides an opportunity to serve the society, apart from earning ensured returns on investment. So, to open a school on your own, follow the procedure given below:


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Capital Investment

To begin with, ascertain the amount of capital investment. For this, you need to invest approximately Rs. 1-2 crores. The expenses would include land acquisition cost, investments for infrastructural requirements, promotional expenses etc.


The next step is to search for a suitable location to establish your school. Make sure that the location you choose has a calm and peaceful environment. Moreover, a residential area is preferable, as it offers easy transport accessibility.


Once you have selected the location, the next step is to acquire the land that suits your requirements. For a formal school, an area of about 2 acres is sufficient. It will be sufficient to accommodate the school building and a playground too.


To ensure the non-profit motive of your school, it is essential to form a Society/Trust. So, the next step is to form a Society/Trust with educated and influential individuals. Also, get it registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or the Indian Trust Act, 1882, respectively.

Obtain Essentiality Certificate

Further, obtain the Essentiality Certificate (EC) from the State Department of Education. As the name suggests, it is essential to obtain the Essentiality Certificate (EC), commonly known as the No Objection Certificate (NOC), failing to which you cannot start the construction process.

Construction Process

As soon as you obtain the EC, start with the construction process of your school. The school infrastructure should be designed in such a way that it stimulates a learning environment. Spacious classrooms, well-equipped library, Science, Math & Computer labs are some of the basic facilities that your school must possess.


Lastly, gain affiliation from any recognized board of education. Generally, schools in India seek affiliation to CBSE, ICSE or State Boards of Education. Hence, make sure that you seek affiliation from any of these Boards of Education.


After the construction process is over, start conducting interviews for various posts. You can also consult a placement agency, which will help you to recruit suitable candidates for your school. Moreover, ensure that you appoint well-qualified and experienced candidates.


Further, to make your brand known to the prospective parents, implement effective promotional strategies such as distributing flyers and pamphlets, putting up banners and hoardings, a feature story in the local newspapers declaring the pre-launch of your school etc.

The above steps provide you with an overview procedure to open your own school. However, many reputed schools offer franchising model. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, an established name in the education sector provides rewarding franchise opportunities across the world. So, it would be an intelligent decision to become a franchisee of SHEMFORD. To get associated to this recognized name, fill the Franchise Application Form and get free consultation..


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Franchise – Business Opportunities in Education Sector

Business opportunities in every sector are blooming with the concept of franchising options. In the process of Franchising, the Franchisor provides the prospect to franchisee to use the well-established name and fame of franchisor’s business model. It creates a Win-Win situation for both the parties involved as the Franchisor gains visibility by establishing a chain and the Franchisee gets to explore the business opportunity through a prosperous brand name. In the Education industry itself, the Franchising option has been accomplished profoundly.

Working with an established brand makes it easy for the franchisees to get a kick start and accomplish their goals effectively. There are many benefits of joining and starting up with a Franchise option as it can be a rewarding career field for experimenters. In education sector, one has great options to tryout with as one can start a:


Interested to Open a School? Call +91-9555433433


  • Play School
  • Pre School
  • Formal 10+2 School
  • Day-care Centre
  • Learning Centre
  • Training Institute
  • Educational Institute

Nowadays, it has cuffed in more competition for such businesses to grow. It has become the most popular method for expanding the education brands. Therefore, one can estimate the advantages of being a part of this Franchise World. It is a venture in which one can always find avenues for:

  • Sustainable and Profitable undertaking
  • The detailed understanding of fool-proof systems and procedures
  • Easy and quick approach to business mantra
  • Low initial costs involved and inexpensive operation
  • Proper guidance and training with full support in operations
  • Infrastructure adds to the quality of services offered
  • Technical and Systems support

Due to such benefits offered and even many more advantageous situations created by Franchising option, it has created an area-wide market filled with loads of alternatives. There are several schools and training institutes which are offering education franchise opportunities options to promote and enhance their chain of schools. Franchising gives an opportunity to the franchisees to give their best inputs and join hands together working towards a common goal with mutual interests. It takes very less time to channel the activities of a franchise and make it a functional business unit. It takes only a few steps which are guided by time and efforts to get started. All you need is contacting the right franchisor, take down the procedures to start a franchise (Land availability, Costs involved and certificates required).

The main question that arises is how to find the right franchisor for developing this opportunity. It is very important that you choose a brand which is successful and known, so as to gain maximum from this venture. Though this can increase the formalities on your head but, it can relieve you from building that “rapport” as it will be pre-established. You would just have to maintain that trademark and add your extra touch to it!

SHEMFORD Group of Schools also provides such opportunity to its franchisees to join their group and make it an upcoming experience for them. SHEMFORD Group of Schools has covered various parts of India and Abroad & involved so many franchisees. SHEMFORD believes in attainment of goals with others and through others.

SHEMFORD Group of Schools believes that taking up a school franchise is also common these days due to the following reasons:

•  Awareness of quality schools education is increasing day-by-day.

•  Societal support is gained as it is a respectful business activity.

•  Easy and flexible work timings make you work at ease.

•  The business functions on cash transactions and not on credit.

•   A positive working environment with ingenuity.

•   You need not acquire land in the prime location.

•   Holidays as per your children’s holidays. This reduces absenteeism from work.

So, it has been growing and will even flourish in the near future because good schools and quality education is the need of hour!


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Tips to Open a Formal School

Education sector is one of the emerging sectors in the Indian economy. With the increasing pace of economic development in our country, the need for schools is increasing day-by-day. The need for an educated population is the need of the hour. Thus, investing in a school is an intelligent business decision for any person. Schools, especially formal schools, are really needed all across the country. Therefore, opening a formal school is surely a wise decision and people should consider it as an intelligent investment option.

Opening a school all by oneself is a tedious task. Thus, opting for a school franchise is a better option for any aspiring businessman. There are numerous companies in our country that offer school franchises to people.  Franchises are a better option to start your own school because they provide you all the training and support required to start your own school. The huge number of companies offering franchises might confuse a person who is about to start his own school. Thus, a person must choose a school franchise wisely and only after knowing the background of the institution.


Interested to Open a School? Call +91-9555433433


The SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of schools is one of the most reputed school chains in our country. The group is one of the oldest chain of schools to provide franchise model in the field of education. Promoted by the Arora family, SHEMFORD Group of Schools is surely one of the fastest growing school chains in India. The SHEMFORD schools are characterized by their unique in-house, research-based school system, ShemEduMax, which integrates helpful learning environment. Their curriculum is child-centred & their teaching methods are interactive which help the children to learn more effectively.

Owning a SHEMFORD franchise is one of the best business decisions anyone could take. It’s attractive and profitable as a business proposition due to the brand value of the brand. Also, it provides a feeling of satisfaction of educating a whole new generation & contributing in the growth and development of the country.

Thus, if you are planning to open a formal school and contribute your bit in the growth and development of the country, then you should definitely opt for a SHEMFORD franchise. Their personalized support, academics, research and development and various other guidance provided helps you become a better educationist. So, anyone who is planning to open a new school for educating our younger generation should surely choose the SHEMFORD franchise. Go for it!!!


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List of SHEMFORD CBSE 10+2 Schools/High Schools in India

Andra Pradesh

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Chevella ( Upcoming )
Coming soon at Chevella,
Rangareddi, Andhra Pradesh


SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Jorhat
Annalisha Complex, Opp. Progoti Samaj
Choladhara Charali,
Jorhat – 785001


SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Muzaffarpur
Chakkar Ground,
Near Army Recruitment Office
Muzzafarpur- 842001 BIHAR
9431013081, 9973309718

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Begusarai

Hemra Road,
Near B.P. High School,
Begusarai, Bihar

SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Hajipur
Manik Complex, Opp Krishi Bazar Samiti, Jadhua Road, Hajipur Distt. Vaishali – 844101(Bihar)
(06224) 279087, 9431026899


SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Kawardha
Sarodha Road, P.H. No 18,
Khasra No 19/1, 20/1 Kawardha,
9770965658, 7879944551


SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Barara
Puspa Vihar, Adhoya Road,
Near New Grain Market


SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Srinagar ( Upcoming )
Coming soon at Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Kathua 
Tehsil & District Kathua
Jammu & Kashmir

Madhya Pradesh

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Bargawan
Main Road, Daga,
Madhya Pradesh

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Rewa
Shakuntala tower,Boda bagh road, Khutehi Civil line, Rewa-486001 ,
Madhya Pradesh
(07662) 404929, 8966902368

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Chhindwara
Gitanjaly colony, Sioni road
Madhya Pradesh
(07162) 201061, 08085997111, 08085995111

SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Sidhi
Near Police Lines,
Patpara Road,
Sidhi-486661, Madhya Pradesh
8966902368, 8966902362

SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Pipariya
Patel Traders Compound, Sandiya Road Pipariya, MP
9589218585, 9425040408
Ms. Kavita Patel

SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Satna
Navrang Park Colony,
Birla Road,
Satna, Madhya Pradesh
(07672) 411511, 9893281918


SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Balangir
Santipara, P.O./Dist. Balangir, Odisha
Ms. Ashoka Manjiri


SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Moga
(Pre Primary School)
GVTEC Building Dhudike
Near Gurudwara Sahib
V & P O Maddoke
Maddoke Road, Moga, Punjab

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Amritsar
(Pre Primary School)
Formerly Known as SHEMROCK Blooming Buds
B – 58 , Ranjit Avenue, Near Altec Lasic Hospital, Amritsar.
(0183) 5070953, 9855702442

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Tarantaran
(Pre Primary School)
Nath Motors
Sarhali Road

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Fazilka ( Upcoming )
House No. 995 Dawra Street, Near Ram Mandir, Fazilka-152123 Punjab
Ms. Nancy Chhabra

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Ferozepur 
(Pre Primary School)
Ferozepur City
Punjab 152002

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Mukerian ( Upcoming )

Coming Soon at Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Mr. Gurdip Singh Dhillio


SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Jodhpur
Hanwant Bagh, Opp. Police Lines,
Shiv Road, Ratanada,
0291-2516208, 9414492999

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Udaipur
J-1 Road, Bhopalpura, Udaipur-313001
(0294)2423042, 09680079006

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Baran
Deen Dayal Park,
Baran Dist.,
Pincode – 325205
07453-230154, 9414169060, 9530095007

Tamil Nadu

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Erode
Perundurai R.S to Chennimalai Road , Ulagapuram, Gnanipalayam (Po), Perundurai R.S, Erode-638112
(04294) 292050/60/70, 09578793093, 09443704334, 09600766399

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Theni
Opp. R.M.T.C Colony, Theni Bodi Main Road, Theni-625531 Tamil Nadu
(04546) 265999

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Hosur

Sy.No:99/3A,3B, Devaganapally – Vill., Nr. Madagondapally Edu. Center, Hosur – Thally Rd., Denkanikottai – Taluk, Krishnagiri – Dist, Pincode – 635114.

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Thanjavur ( Upcoming )
Near Easwaran Koil Budalur Main Road, Budaur-613602, Thanjavur District
Mr. V.C. Vejai

Uttar Pradesh

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Azamgarh
Patwadh Kautukh Bilariyaganj Road, Azamgarh,
7388078815, 7388388152

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Shikohabad
NH-2, Naushera
Shikohabad (Firozabad )-205135
Uttar Pradesh

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Mohansarai, Varanasi 
Plot No. 2,Jagannathpuri,
Rathyatra – Mahmoorganj road
Varanasi – 221010
Uttar Pradesh

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Sikandra, Agra ( Upcoming )
Village: Jaupura, Tehsil District Agra Near Shastripuram Colony Sikandra, Agra
ER. Ram Krishna

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Mirzapur
Putlighar Natwa road,
Uttar Pradesh
05442-221697, 09956376300, 07607701316

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Lathor
Village Post Lathor, Tehsil Sikanderabad, Dist. Bulandsahar U.P.
07500051746, 09717886866, 09811895112,

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Kasganj
Kasganj – Etah Road,
Kasganj – 207123
(05744) 296382, 7500424885

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Jhansi
Deli – Pali Road,
Off Shivpuri Road,
(Near Pitambara Bag)

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Agra
Shemford Futuristic School, Indrapuram (Adjacent Water Tank) Shamshabad Road Agra 282001 Land Mark: Public Welfare Hospital
9756302222, 9756312222

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Gorakhpur
HIG 21,lake view colony,
Near Buddha Museum, Taramandal, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
08948479889, 09336423276

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Saharanpur

Behat road, Saharanpur – 247001
City Office
1st Floor, Krishna Complex Opp Hathi Gate, Court Road,
Saharanpur – 247001
8979001452/ 53/ 54/ 55/ 56

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Shahjahanpur ( Upcoming )
Shahajahanpur, Bypass Road, U.P

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Sikanderpur ( Upcoming )
Coming soon
Bhagwanpur,Sikanderpur Bhainswal Uttarakhand


SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Kashipur
Singal Farms P.O. Pratapur, Kashipur
Dist. Udham Singh Nagar-244713,
05947-223170, 9319280247, 9045511467

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Roorkee
Village:-Bedpur, Near Piran Kaliyar
Roorkee – 247667 Uttarakhand
8958223344, 8057912004

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Dehradun

Kotra Santoor Road,
Near Subharti Institute
Nanda ki Chowki
Prem Nagar, Dehradun – 248001
(0135) 6055055, 09997844778,09557692691

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Srinagar Garhwal
Village Belkandi, P.O. Dehal Chouri
Distt. Pauri Garhwal, Uttrakhand
City Office:
Opposite Alaknanda Gas Service
Upper Bazar, Srinagar Garhwal
Mr. Divyanshu Panwar

West Bengal

SHEMFORD Futuristic School,Siliguri ( Upcoming )
Coming soon at
Khalpara, Siliguri, West Bengal
City Office: SHEMROCK Sky
Mitruka House, Nehru Road
Khalpara, Siliguri -734005