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CBSE makes Class X CBSE Exam Optional

A new nine point grade system has been brought into force now, instead of the traditional system of marking as before. Starting 2011, Class X CBSE exams will now become optional and the students will be awarded grades based upon their performance instead of marks. In order to help the students decide the subjects/stream most suited to their caliber in Class XI-XII, the CBSE schools will now offer an Aptitude test at the end of term of Class IX & X.

These new reforms were announced by the Human Resource Development Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal on September 8.  But, there have been mixed reactions to the new educational reforms that have been introduced. On one hand, a section of the society which includes students also, believes that this new system will in fact, lull the children into a false sense of security and dull their competitive spirits instead of making them rise to the bait. Instead of sharpening their desire to learn, grow and constantly upgrade themselves in order to stay at par with the other students, this might actually lead them to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Where one section of the student community is happy that they might no longer be burdened under a pile- load of books and the pressure to perform and study is less, the other section is equally perturbed by the fact that the education system has also been subject to the whims and fancies of politicians and politics.

Admist such mixed reactions, it remains to be seen, as to what these new set of reforms in the Education Sector hold for all of us in the near future.

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