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Famous Birthday on November 28th

William Blake

Born: 28 November 1757 (Soho, London)

Bio: William Blake was a widely known poet and painter. He is counted as being one of the greatest artists of Britain.


  1. He wasn’t sent to a school and was taught to read and write by his mother at home.
  2. During his entire lifetime his work was not valued by people who used to think he was mad, but several years after his death and publication of his biography by a German writer all his drawings and poems were deemed imperative.
  3. He used to have inexplicable visions right from his childhood like once while walking through the countryside he saw a tree full of angels.
  4. His mother used to decorate her room with many of his early drawings and poems.
  5. Though his work was heavily based on the bible and spiritualism, he was not a church follower.

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