How To Start Your Own School

You can start different types of schools based on your investment range. The investment, in addition to the land can range from 3-4 lakhs for a playschool (also referred to as preschool/nursery school/kindergarten/Montessori) upto 20 crores for a full fledged boarding school of international standards. You can start on your own or take a franchise of a school brand.

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Playschool: The area should have at least 3-4 rooms for classrooms & activities. Playschools don’t require any affiliation but you must check with the local civic authorities whether a playschool is permitted at the location you have identified. Ideally, it should be in a decent residential location with a sizeable population in the immediate vicinity. You should also budget for cash for 6 months by which preschools normally break even.
Senior Secondary School: You should check the minimum requirements in terms of area and construction from the school board you are planning to get the affiliation from. The thumb rule for size is – the further your land is from the city- the bigger it should be to enable you to offer more facilities than what city schools may be offering in limited area. You should also budget in cash for 2 years as the break even normally happens by the third year.

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11 Replies to “How To Start Your Own School”

  1. I read the post and I would like to know more about the details. I have a house where no one puts and I want to give it on rent. But now, I think of opening a play school. The only concern is that it is in the middle of the city. Would it be feasible to open a school in the house ❓

  2. hi, i have around 46 acre of land in a village of Karnal,haryana. I am very intersted to build up a school over there. I am looking for the details because it is a major project. So can you help me on this

  3. I too have a house with 8 rooms in a very decent locality in Hyderabad. I do not like to rent it. I wish to open a play school in it. What are the formalities to open a play school in Hyderabad A.P. ? Does one have to go thru the bureaucracy. Applying for licences etc.

  4. Hi,
    I would like to know about the minimum reqirement of land for international school afiliated to ICSE and CBSE syllabus. Please let me know the details

  5. DEAR SIR ,, I AM already running a play school, in 3000 sq/f area, and having a 130 students. every year my 40 students are going to other schools, but they are not getting that quality. so i would like make it large now. please help me to expand my school with the help of C.B.S.E affiliation.

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