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Still No Female Student’s Union President In Punjab

Even with nearly seventy percent of its students being women, the Punjab University’s student’s union has never had a woman president. Even more striking is the fact that like this year, many times, only male candidates have applied for the president’s profile.

On a few occasions, women have contested and they were even elected for posts of vice-presidency but they are yet to make it to the position of the president. This fact seems surprising for a state which has made headway in increased household incomes and the level of state education is also high. Some people fear that this might become a trend which would then make it difficult for future potential women contestants.

Most people in the college campuses believe that the women don’t lack the courage or the mental fortitude needed for the top job, but, they seem to suffer from a pre-conceived notion of politics being a source of uninvited trouble. On the other hand, some female students are believed to refrain from politics because of parental pressure.


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